Recruits from over 564 clubs have public profiles and use our free College Matching Service to learn about your program. Target and track recruits that fit your program.

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Message us after logging in or registering to get added to your college so you can manage it.

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Watch highlights and access recruiting profiles.

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Log in to see all playlists within player videos and filter highlights by position and grad year.

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Seamlessly transfer player info and video from our profiles to Front Rush with one click.

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We limit recruits to messaging one college at a time to avoid generic emails to you.

Access Film From Select Events

We couple film and our digital coach book.

Efficiently recruit every player by accessing their recruiting profiles as the game unfolds.


How is my dashboard updated?
Your recruit database is automatically updated when players edit their profile, such as adding a new highlight video, uploading a transcript, updating test scores, etc.

Do players or club coaches see my info?
No, your database, target list of recruits and entire dashboard are private and only shared among your registered coaching staff.

Everything is free?
Yes, our coach dashboard and video library are free today and forever. If we can improve it and make your life easier, let us know how by messaging us at the bottom tab.

Can I edit info on my colleges profile?
Yes, you can edit your commits list, team website, etc... Academic and financial info are from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

How can I improve my profile?
You can list your prospect days and camps, message us to schedule a coach interview, add description about your program, add videos of behind-the-scenes content and games, conduct an anonymous player experience survey, and more.

Is compliance built into your dashboard?
Yes. We track player eligibility based on their year and your division. Messages from recruits include links to their coaches contact info.



We're Connecting Coaches And Players

ConnectLAX is like a Match'.com' for college coaches and high school recruits. Coaches find, evaluate and connect with players in our Recruit Finder and recruits create a personalized list of target colleges from over 1,500 collegiate programs in our College Matching Service.

Both of these are free services. Along with our Private Lessons network, which is available to all coaches and players because instructors collect 100% of their rate directly from their clients.

We partner with top club teams to help them manage their player's recruitment online and with select showcase and tourney's to provide filming and editing services.

We worked with college coaches in building ConnectLAX. All recruiting profiles are public and mobile, you just need to log in to message them or save their info to your ConnectLAX or Front Rush database. We limit the number of coaches each player can contact based on how complete their profile is, which are ranked bronze to gold. Recruits can only message you from your college's profile, which includes information about your program and school and leads to more informed recruits.

Thanks, Nick, Gage, Chris, Mike & the ConnectLAX team.

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