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Alexander Gainey

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"2017 Stats: - 4.1 GAA - 65% save percentage - National Honor Society"

I started playing goalie in lacrosse at age 12 and before that played attack and midi. I have been on the varsity lacrosse team since 8th grade and this past season started 16-games with a 63% save percentage. I enjoy the pressure and challenge of playing goalie. In addition to lacrosse I play ice hockey which I started playing at age 10. A little different than lacrosse I play forward in hockey and enjoy scoring or assisting on goals. In my third hockey season I led my travel team with almost 100pts in 55 games. I have two siblings who I enjoy playing sports, video games, and board games with. I am always learning from them as we each have different interests. I am constantly seeking to improve my game working with different coaches to help me get better. Communication with my defense and staying positive is something I believe is key to being a top goalie. If scored upon move forward and only think about the next shot. This past year I received all A's in school while taking two AP classes. I am also involved in various clubs at school and enjoy photography and writing for the school newspaper. This past year I helped tutor underprivileged children which I really enjoyed. I like to travel with my family and friends to see different cultures around the world.

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