Organize Your Team's Recruiting Efforts and Help All of Your Players Increase Their Recruiting Exposure with the Many Benefits of Team Recruiting.

Maximizes the recruiting exposure of all your players Puts your player’s info at the fingertips of college coaches Recruit calendars help coaches follow your team’s schedule
Easily track your player's college preferences online Build your brand as players share profiles with your logo Save time by contacting college coaches with full profiles
Always have a mobile roster ready for coaches to review Simple, one-time fee covers players for the entire process Recruit profiles and team pages link back to your website
Every college coach is registered • Coaches view profiles without login • Players save money through team

Chat with our team to learn more. Email here to schedule a time.

Pricing Options

$25 per player when coach pays for recruit
Recruit signs up for free; coach invoiced after registration.
or $50 per player when recruit pays during sign up
Free to coach; player saves 50% off Varsity profile price.

How It Works

Create Team Sign Up Page > Share Sign Up with Players > Players Register and Create Profiles > Receive Mobile Team Roster

We handle setting up custom sign up page and company page for you.

The per player price is one-time and covers the athlete through the entire recruiting process. Recruits pay $50 to create their mobile recruiting profile and are automatically added to their team roster. Recruits can link to multiple rosters at no extra cost.

Coaches are invoiced $25 per player after the registration period. This price is further discounted because more recruits sign up when it is free to them, which results in a better experience for college coaches as more recruits are listed per roster.

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