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Put your players' info at the fingertips of every college coach in our Recruit Finder. Save time and get a complete view of your players recruiting activity.

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We've had 100% retention with every club team recruiting client.

Why They Use Us

Team-linked player profiles and recruiting tools to help parents and players

Track recruiting activity in real-time and recommend players / colleges online

Upload game film from tournaments for players to use in making highlight videos

Questions That We Help Answer

Where should my kid play college lacrosse?
College Matching Service

How do we get in touch with college coaches?
Built-in messaging system
See if coach opens email / profile

How do I maximize my recruiting exposure?
Complete profile in Recruit Finder
Highlight video with team footage

Can you help me with the recruiting process?
Recommend colleges to player
Track each player's recruiting progress
Recommend player to colleges

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Case Study



How much is it?

The price is $1,600-$2,000 per team / year, which includes a recruiting profile and highlight video for every player on the team (limit 25 players / team). 1-2 teams = $2,000 per team. 3-5 teams = $1,800 per team. 6+ teams = $1,600 per team.

An individual player would pay $108 / year for the profile and $100 for the highlight video, over 2x the discounted team rate we offer.

We provide teams with free, unlimited game storage so they can easily upload game film from tournaments and share it with players.

How does this compare?

Our competitors charge $2,000 per team just for recruiting profiles and then ask your players and parents to pay extra for a highlight video.

We know the importance of video in recruiting and therefore include it in our team rate. In addition to getting your players in front of college coaches, our highlight videos are branded with your team’s logo and create content for us to promote about your team on social media.

And I can upload my team's film for free?

Yes. Our video organizer makes it easy to upload game film from tournaments and share it directly with your players on that team. So if your 2018 Blue team plays in an event, simply upload the video files and share it directly with that team.

Your players can view game film in their video library and use it to create their highlight video. Players can also use their own .mp4 files or public Youtube / Vimeo links.

Do I have to populate the profile info?

No. Your players populate their recruiting profiles and are automatically added to their team during sign up. We create your company page, but you control and manage all the information on it.

Your committed players are listed on your company page and on the college profiles of the schools they commit to. View company pages of Team MN, Blue Star and Tri-State, which all link directly to the team’s website.

Your player's profiles are listed in our Recruit Finder, where college coaches find, evaluate and connect with players that fit their program. Many coaches reach out to the player's club coaches as we’ve built compliance into our messaging system.

How long are the contracts?

Our annual contracts are designed around the dues cycle of our teams. We can help bridge to this period.

Our clients stay with us because their players use our service, not because they are contractually obligated to.

We’re very proud to have 100% client retention with all of our teams.

Why do club teams choose you?

We solve both video and team management for club teams.

Our platform makes it easy to connect your players with college coaches, deliver advice and track their recruiting progress.

Our coach dashboard provides a complete view of your team’s recruiting activity. Your player's profiles and highlight videos are featured directly to college coaches in their free dashboard and create content for us to promote about your team on social media.

We believe that playing college lacrosse at any level matters. Our resources help every player, top to bottom, which is why our College Matching Service includes over 1,500 teams from club to D1.

Our platform is completely mobile so players and coaches can use our tools on the sidelines or team bus.

Our price is fair.

And we worked with college coaches to build ConnectLAX. They can view recruiting profiles without logging in (players control what info is visible), we rank profiles based on completeness (saving coaches time), and we have compliance built into our messaging system (protecting players and coaches).

Every recruit profile, team roster and company page is linked and branded with your logo. Your rosters and company page link directly to your website.

Every college coach is registered • Coaches view profiles without login • Players save money through team
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