We are looking for a) lacrosse players, referees, etc... to film using our equipment or b) experienced videographers to film with their own equipment.

Our day rate starts at $100 and often includes a bonus for filming quality. Refer to your hired rate. If you use your equipment, it will be higher depending on film delivery. We film most games with hi-pods, creating a comfortable, safe filming environment (see pic).

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Filmer Level:
We do not reimburse for transportation and instead focus on finding filmers close to the event location.
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Lacrosse players, referees, etc... that know the game and closely follow the action can use our equipment. Simply show up and film lacrosse, that’s it.
Have you played lacrosse?:
Have you filmed lacrosse?:
Where did you film / play?
If you are an experienced videographer with your own professional equipment, you can use that. We need the footage in high quality, 1080p HD organized by quarter or half.
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If yes, what are the camcorder specs?
In case of emergency, please contact:
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Day rate is the total payment for filming that day (typical 9-5 including breaks). Videographers: it includes delivery of footage in required format.

We own the rights to the footage but you may use them for your personal portfolio on a delayed basis.


I understand that if I am scheduled to film an event, I must check my phone and emails daily for the 10 days prior to and during the event for updated information.
I understand that the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco is strictly forbidden at any time while filming an event for ConnectLAX. Anyone under the influence or using will be removed immediately.
I understand that I am representing ConnectLAX and the event operator while filming events. I agree to conduct myself in a manner that will reflect positively.
I understand that I will be paid after filming the event, and in the case of videographers, after submitting the game film. I understand that any ConnectLAX branded gear I wear or equipment I use is sole property of ConnectLAX. Unlawfully taking items will be dealt with accordingly.
I understand and consent to ConnectLAX conducting a background check before allowing me to film an event. I represent and acknowledge that I comply with any relevant insurance requirements.
The majority of our events take place from late May to late July and again in November.
We are looking to build a long-term relationship with our filmers as we often have multiple events around the same location.
Your personal information will not be sold or rented to third parties in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
By clicking "Submit Application" you confirm that you accept the Filming Terms of Use. Must be 18 years or older to apply.
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