About Us

We love lacrosse. We played lacrosse. We built a company to keep us connected to lacrosse. We know the importance of lacrosse in shaping our lives, which is why we've built our services to help athletes grow their game and find a college that fits them on and off the field. Lacrosse is a community and ConnectLAX aims to help the players, parents and coaches connect within the sport we love.

  • Gage Mersereau, #24

    An Indiana native, Gage learned lacrosse from his dad while spending summers on the East Coast. Gage played HS lacrosse in Indianapolis and at Indiana University. ConnectLAX was hatched during a cold NYC winter to "connect the lacrosse community". Gage left finance the following summer to make this happen and with the help of his team, has built the #1 recruiting service in lacrosse while providing free resources to the community.

  • Chris, #11

    Chris grew up learning lacrosse in school in Canada - a country whose national sport is lacrosse. He played in high school, but passionately feels he needed a resource like ConnectLAX to help him hone his skills and learn about lacrosse at the next level. Chris brings the ConnectLAX vision to life and now shares those resources with the next generation of players.

  • Billy Nguyen, #42

    New Yorker who recently coached Frederick Douglass Academy, Billy player lacrosse at St. Johns and Ohio State. Since graduating, Billy has helped grow the game with grant writing and developing curriculum for Harlem Lacrosse, etc. He now engages clubs about ConnectLAX resources.

  • Nick Lattimore, #9

    Born and raised in Auburn, New York; Nick spent his childhood with a lacrosse stick in hand. Nick was a D1 midfielder at Fairfield University in Connecticut. Nick works in media in New York City. A lax bro at heart, Nick is pursuing his goal of growing the sport of lacrosse so it receives the recognition, following and continued growth it deserves.

  • Michael Arena, #83

    Born and raised in Stratford Connecticut, Michael started playing lacrosse his freshman year of high school and has been hooked on it ever since. He was the LSM for the Manhattanville College Valiants coached by Ryder Bohlander and Owen Blye. He is always looking to grow the game and pass down his knowledge to the youth.

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