ConnectSports has Joined SportsRecruits

As of February 10, 2023, the ConnectSports platform has been sunset. This means that existing accounts on ConnectSports are no longer accessible, but we're excited for you to continue your recruiting journey with SportsRecruits!

Uniting SportsRecruits and ConnectSports Consolidates What Our Customers Love

Building tools that help student-athletes reach their dreams is incredibly rewarding and joining with SportsRecruits enables us to support more families on the leading sports recruiting network. When you build something you’re proud of, you naturally want to share it and the connected ecosystem of student-athletes, club staff and college coaches on SportsRecruits provides that reach.

Uniting with SportsRecruits helps our partners consolidate more solutions under one umbrella and provides a consistent, centralized experience for all stakeholders in the recruiting process. In sports, you can develop great respect for your competition, especially when they share the same passion for the sport you love. We’re excited to continue our mission on the SportsRecruits platform.

Recruiting, business, life; they’re all about relationships you develop. That’s why we know every student-athlete will grow as a person regardless of the school they commit to. This belief drove us to combine with SportsRecruits to create more opportunities for student-athletes across all backgrounds while streamlining the experience for club staff and college coaches that make these connections happen.

Looking for Event Film?

Below is a list of all film partners that ConnectSports has supported and where to find film for each event. If you have any questions please reach out to