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Men's 2021 Roster
Player & Info
Aidan Quinn
#52: Def, LSM
NJ: Spring Lake
6'2" '21
195 B+
Aidan has grit in his game, a combination of aggressive effort and a good stick to create turn-overs and picking the ball off the ground. A tenacious defenseman who can make plays all over the field, he has a knack for putting the ball on the ground or picking it out of the air. He can harass ball carriers, cause turnovers, and push transition on turnovers.  
Brody Listen
#24: Mid
CA: Los Angeles
6'0" '21
165 A+
Dedicated student and all-around athlete, high IQ on and off the field, natural leader and relentless in pursuit of making team and self better  
Casey Mulligan
#5: Att, Mid
NJ: Sea Girt
5'9" '21
166 A+
My name is Casey Mulligan.I am a Midfielder and also utilized on Attack. Multi sport athlete. Team First mentality.Strong Dodger. NCAA ID# 1809303402  
Christopher Farinacci
#1: Def, LSM
NJ: Brielle
5'11" '21
165 A
Team First - strong lacrosse IQ - Play 100% all the time - never give up mentality , easy to coach. Play multiple sports including ice hockey  
Conor Spagnolli
#18: Def, Faceoff, LSM
TX: Southlake
6'1" '21
180 A
Towson Commit. National Honor Society Member. Athletic and Versatile team player LSM, close defense & face off. Multi Sport - Basketball  
Daniel Martin
#8: Att
NJ: Wall, Nj 07719
6'2" '21
205 A
Extremely coachable, unselfish yet aggressive multi-sport team player focused on continuous improvement in the classroom and on the field  
Evan Miner
#12: Goal
CA: Santa Monica
5'10" '21
170 B+
Team player, loud, coachable  
Gavin Bailey
#56: Def, Faceoff, LSM
IN: Culver
6'2" '21
185 B+
I'm a team-oriented, hard-hitting defensive player. I communicate constantly and am always ready to push the ball in transition. I have a strong motor, high IQ, and coachable.  
Griffin Dooley
#23: Mid, Def, LSM
CA: San Diego
5'11" '21
190 A-
Versatile, has played every Varsity position except goalie as a Freshman and Sophomore. UA All America All Tourney LSM and Command Division Champion  
Jack Joyce
#3: Def
NJ: Fair Haven
5'10" '21
185 A
disciplined, tough, multi-sport athlete, never gives up, team player, very coachable, high lacrosse IQ  
Michael DeRosa
#7: Mid
NJ: Lincroft
5'11" '21
170 A
Aggressive, disciplined with strong Lax IQ. Team first mentality. Strong defensive, offensive and transition player. Coachable and hardworking.  
Michael Farinacci
#9: Mid
NJ: Brielle
5'10" '21
150 A
Leader, team player who plays with heart and aggression multi-sport athlete  
Michael Farrell
#20: Def, LSM
NJ: Manasqaun
6'0" '21
Hard working,multi-sport athlete,Very coachable and a team player.  
Mitch Likins
CA: Encinitas
5'9" '21
150 A+
Starting varsity goaltender on perennial California Top 10 program. Excellent eye hand, aggressive in tight and all over bouncers. Above average stick skills, great vision on clears. Vocal  
Preston Barnes
#7: Def, LSM
CA: Pacific Palisades
5'11" '21
185 A-
Fearless, High LAX IQ, Very Coachable, Lead by Example, Aggressive and Multi-sport Accomplished Athlete, Team Player  
Ryan Croddick
#4: Goal
NJ: Rumson
6'2" '21
180 A-
Multi-sport athlete, coachable, and positive. Aggressive and mentally tough with team first attitude.  
Sebastian Lenk
CA: Woodland Hills
6'0" '21
163 A
Determined, coachable, team player  
Tim Gaston
WA: Seattle
6'3" '21
197 A-
Tynan Walsh
#2: Mid
CA: San Diego
5'9" '21
140 A+
Leader on the field, plays well under pressure, makes things happen, team player, great understanding of the game.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).