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Men's 2020 Roster
Player & Info

Caden Gore
Att, Mid
SC: Reidville
5'7" '20
120 B+
I have a dual sport athlete who is very coachable, and loves to study the game.  
Dalton Rice
#61: Def, LSM
FL: Palm Coast
5'9" '20
165 A-
Aggressive player, hard worker, takes and applies correction, driven, dedicated, not afraid to change it up and adapt  
Joseph Lange
Att, Mid
MN: Blaine
5'11" '20
170 A-
Strong, hard-working player. Focused and disciplined. Positive contributor to my team both on and off the field. Strong Lax IQ. Multi-sport athlete.  
Selassie Richardson
Att, Mid
GA: Lawrenceville
5'9" '20
168 A-
Extremely fast and strong team player with high LAX IQ and multi sport leadership and experience. Academically strong and committed to community and small business development.  
Toby Andersen
FL: Lithia
5'8" '20
140 B
Hard working and motivated player, good awarness and team player.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
Academic GPA ie A student, B student, etc...
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