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Women's 2020 Roster
Player & Info

Abbey Fenton
#15: Goal
NJ: Marmora, Nj
5'8" '20
130 A+
Focused and disciplined. Ready to take my game to the next level.  
Ashley Smith
#18: Att
NJ: Egg Harbor Township
5'2" '20
145 A-
Coachable, disciplined, good team player and have a very good lax IQ.  
Caitlin Harvey
#17: Def
NJ: Mt Laurel
5'8" '20
135 A+
A team player who is competitive, hard working, disciplined, multi-sport athlete, hustler, reliable, and has a strong lax IQ  
Carina Raymond
#11: Att
NJ: Villas
5'4" '20
150 A+
I am a very coachable, driven, and successful athlete, who never takes a game for granted.  
Elizabeth Bennett
Def, Draw
NJ: Woolwich
5'9" '20
160 A-
Coachable, multisport athlete, team player, aggressive, hardworking  
Julianna McClain
NJ: North Wildwood
5'6" '20
153 A+
Work well with other teammates, Coachable, also play girls hockey and swim, strong Lax defense player. Have been playing lax since the 4 grade. Disciplined.  
Katie Stubits
PA: West Chester
5'11" '20
115 A+
Rising Junior midfielder class of 2020. Sophomore Stats 35 Gs 17 As  
Lauren Dickson
#3: Mid
NJ: Mount Laurel
5'3" '20
128 A-
Coachable, and a team player with high Lax IQ.  
Madison Barber
#12: Mid, Draw
NJ: Cape May Court House
5'2" '20
107 A-
I am a very versatile player, I am able to take the draw as well as be on the circle and box out. I also play a very strong defense and ride players in the midfield, I can also play attack and see the field very well, I mainly assist the goals but have a very strong and accurate shot. I am not afraid to go to goal. I am very coachable and can learn quickly.  
Maris Horner
#6: Def
NJ: Ocean View
5'2" '20
135 A-
Highly motivated, aggressive Defender. Multi-sport athlete who competes at a high level. Gives 110% in all areas!  
Robin Spector
#8: Att, Mid, Def
NJ: Northfield
5'6" '20
117 A-
I am a versatile lacrosse player who has excelled playing attack, in the midfield and defense and more importantly who likes playing all three. I believe I am a unique player who combines speed, strength, power, quickness and lacrosse IQ with Jersey toughness and grit! What I think really separates me from most lacrosse players is my team first attitude! I have scored my share of goals in both high school and club but I enjoy playing lacrosse the right way, defending, re-defending, creating opportunities for other players, chasing down a ground ball, winning a ball off the draw and playing hard!  
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