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College Endorsement Challenge

The team with the most endorsements (reviews) of their lacrosse program by current and former players and staff will win a free team shipment of LAXWAX. LAXWAX provides gription and ball control while waterproofing and conditioning your pocket.


Whether you’re looking for a new job or just the best pizza in town, reviews help you make an informed decision. ConnectLAX college profiles help recruits evaluate your team and also promote your program to future recruits. Endorsements provide an insider’s perspective on the experience of student-athletes in your lacrosse program.


What do I do next?
1 - Find your college's profile at ConnectLAX.com/colleges. Click "See All Team's" and search by name.
2 - Scroll down the page and click to sign up or log in to write an endorsement.
3 - Share and tweet out your college's profile from the top right to reach alumni and teammates.




No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win. Every college team with a ConnectLAX profile is eligible. 1 winner will be selected based on total valid endorsements as of Sept. 31, 2014.

Example College Profile