Carolina Clash - Jun 18-19 '22

Onsite filming and video sales by CruitCast


Showcase your game online with a professional highlight video and put your player info and best plays at the fingertips of every college coach in our Recruit Finder.

Every game is filmed from elevation. Includes all your games and any all-star games.

Game Film + Max 30-Play Highlight Video


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Includes fully editable, .mp4 download of your team's elevated, HD game film from the event and a 30-play highlight video based on the clips you select.

Select clips from this event's film and any media you have from other events. Easily share your video.

Game Film Only


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Includes fully editable, .mp4 download of your team's elevated, HD game film from this event. Single athlete license.

Your video purchase includes all your team's games.
Game film is available immediately within your Video Library after your purchase.

We film and edit our videos in a style requested by the college coaches that use ConnectLAX.
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Team Game Film


Includes fully editable, .mp4 download of your team's elevated, HD game film from this event for every athlete on the team.

Purchase film for an entire team

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Highlight Videos In Minutes

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Download editable .mp4 files and build a professional highlight video.

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About This Onsite Filmer

Onsite filming and video sales by CruitCast distributed by ConnectLAX. Contact CruitCast about your video order and payment. Contact ConnectLAX about accessing your existing video order.

Part production company. Part streaming platform. We turn live streaming video into a recruiting tool for a network of college coaches.


Q: Do I select my team during sign up?

No. You select your team when accessing the game film after the event when it is live.

Q: How do I know when the game film is ready?

We will notify you by email after the event when it is live. Then log in to access it in your video library tab.

Q: How long until the game film is live?

Most game film is live 2-5 days after the event depending on the size of the event. You will be notified at the email address you registered with when purchasing it once it’s live. If you haven’t been notified that it’s live after 7 days from the event, refer to this page for the current status and check your junk mail folder. If it’s still not live, message us including the name of the event.

Q: Is there an option for game film only?

If it is visible on this page as a 3rd option below the 10-Play and 20-Play Highlight and Film "Video Packages", then yes, otherwise no it is not available. Please be aware our prices increase after the event.

Q: Can I purchase just one game instead of all of them?

No. We do not sell individual games, only a package of all your games from the event.

Q: If there is an all-star game or tournament play-offs, is that included?

Yes. All-star games are always filmed and included in the video package. Play-off games are included unless stated otherwise.

Q: What if I played on two different teams?

Each video package includes game film for one team, so email us to explain your situation and we’ll try to find a solution that works.

Q: What format do you film in?

Games are filmed at HD. Downloads are available in .mp4 format. Some events are filmed at 60fps.

Q: How do I confirm you received my video package order?

If you receive an email from us confirming your order titled 'Video package confirmation', then yes we received it. Check your junk mail folder if you do not see it.

Q: If there is a showcase and team tournament at the same event, is there a combo price?

No. You will need to purchase two video packages, one for each event.

Q: Do you know if my team purchased game film to this event?

No. Please coordinate with your team before purchasing your own video package. Refer to our video refund policies as well.

We appreciate your business and know the importance of video in recruiting. We believe our video package prices are fair and often below our competitors, many of whom have no refund policy. Our packages are designed to help players get their video in front of college coaches in a format they want, which is a professional highlight video coupled with a recruiting profile with relevant information.