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Use Lacrosse To Help You Get Into A Great School

According to a study by former Princeton president William Bowen (published in the New York Times) that analyzed admissions data at Harvard, Middlebury, Virginia and other top schools:

A recruited athlete was 30% more likely to be admitted than a non-athlete.

For comparison, an African American, Native American or Latino was 28% more likely to be admitted than a Caucasion or Asian and a legacy was 20% more likely to be admitted than an applicant of a parent that did not attend that college.

New NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting Legislation

On April 14, 2017, new NCAA rules were passed, effective immediately, for both men’s and women’s Division 1 schools, which bans college coaches from communicating with recruits until September 1 of their junior year.

Specifically, this restricts verbal commitments, phone calls and unofficial visits until the above date. 

Recruits can and should still message college coaches with their player info / video and visit college campuses at their target schools, but not request to meet with the coaching staff.

We’re excited for this change as we believe it will help recruits focus on academics, enjoy their high school experience, better develop their college preferences and ultimately get recruited to the right school. We hope that it will reverse the increase in college transfers as recruits will have more time to find the right fit both on and off the field.

The Supply And Demand Of Lacrosse Recruiting

Lacrosse recruiting is essentially supply and demand. In this case, the demand or number of talented, high school recruits is growing much faster than the supply or number of available roster spots on college teams.

In 2006, there were 40 high school players competing for every Division I Men's roster spot. In 2016, there were 55 players competing for the same spot. Women's lacrosse has seen competition increase from 31 to 40 over the same period.

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