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Abby Henderson

2023 | NJ: Allendale
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Coachable, hard-working, strong Lax IQ, Multi-Sport Athlete, draw-taker, aggressive, very passionate.

Hi! My name is Abby Henderson and I am a midfielder for DEWLAX Black 2023. I have been playing lacrosse since 2nd grade and I joined BBL North in fourth grade. I played for BBL North for 6 years until recently when my team folded. I am now a member of the DEWLAX Black team! I have been very passionate about lacrosse ever since I started. I am a starting midfielder/Draw-taker and I am very comfortable dodging to goal and shooting with both hands. I take pride in my determination and aggressiveness. I take the majority of the draws for my club team. In the fall, I play high school and club soccer. I currently have a job at my local pool as a lifeguard. I am Red Cross and CPR certified. As a freshman I took Honors Spanish, Honors Physics, and Honors Math Analysis, was in Class Council and participated in the Relay for Life club. I was also selected to the Northern Highlands Varsity Lacrosse Team as a freshman. This past fall, I was selected to play on the Northern Highlands Varsity Soccer Team, and my team won the State Sectional Championship!

My high school lacrosse season was very successful. We finished the season at 14-5. I started every game at midfield and was crucial on the draw. In the season, I totaled 48 Goals, 22 Assists, 65 DC, and 16 FT. I was the second leading scorer on my team, and I also led in # of draw controls won. I can't wait for the club season this summer! In school, I finished sophomore year with a GPA of 4.35 weighted (4.05 unweighted). My schedule was challenging, but I did well. For junior year, I plan on taking Honors Modern Fiction, Honors US History 2, Honors Spanish 4, AP Calculus, Honors Biology, AP Psychology, and Honors Drawing and Painting. This spring, I volunteered on the weekend and ran lacrosse clinics for girls in 1st and 2nd grades.

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Sarah Lankton

Jun 22, 2020

Please reach out to Sarah Lankton for a full recommendation. Abby is an incredibly hard worker who is dedicated to her team as well as her development. She is a dedicated teammate, respectful athlete and natural leader.

Michael Menzella

May 19, 2020

Abby personifies what it means to be a two way player excelling at both ends of the field. Her Lax IQ, work ethic, and vision are unparalleled. She is extremely coachable and her teammates gravitate towards her because of her disposition.

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