Abigail Manalang

CA: Hawthorne
I am a driven, focused, coachable team player. I have a high lacrosse IQ, and an ability to see the entire field when I play.

I started playing lacrosse when I was in 3rd grade. Lacrosse was just getting started in Los Angeles for girls, so we really needed to search if we wanted to play in more than a once a year 6-8 week parks and rec league. Very often I played for more than one team so that I could play as much as I could, sometimes my teams that I played on would play each other. I love the sport, I love taking the draw, calling plays, leading a team. My high school does not have a lacrosse team, so I also play Ultimate Frisbee. I play during the school day and after school. I am the captain of our Ultimate Frisbee Club Team. I organized a summer pickup league and I'm in the process of registering our club team for their first ever tournament. I attend a school with a math and science focus and have falling in love with engineering and aerospace. One of my clubs that I am a proud member of is Society of Women Engineers, through this club I have visited amazing businesses in my area.