Alexandra Johnson

2022 | MO: Saint Louis
Recruit Profile
I am a multisport athlete who is an aggressive and coachable player. I love being a part of a team, and I am always ready to improve.

I started playing lacrosse when I was in third grade, but only played in the spring season. As a child, I played every sport possible. In the last year I have decided to put my 110% into this sport to play at the collegiate level. I began playing all year round for the first time last year, and worked very hard to make varsity for my school. Sadly, it got cancelled due to Covid-19. I practice daily with stick work and exercising to stay in shape and improve my ability to play. I work hard in all I do, whether it be sports or academics. I'm a very coachable player, who loves to lead, and put forth my best effort each and every practice and game. My goal is to do my best, which makes me an important and strong player of an athletic team. My other sport that I have also recently chose to focus on is tennis. I am a part of my very competitive school's Varsity Tennis team. Academically, I am taking challenging courses such as AP Biology; meanwhile, exploring different areas to prepare for my future. I am also a co-leader of a club called Best Buddies that works with intellectually disabled children.

GPA (unweighted):
87-89; 3.3; B+

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