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Chip Bradsher

2018 | MD: Laytonsville, Md 20882
2.6 Thousand
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Dedicated and hardworking team player. High lacrosse IQ. Dependable and coachable. Reaches higher!

I am a multi-sport athlete and have been playing lacrosse for eight years. In 7th grade, I decided to make lacrosse my primary sport because it is a sport where I can be a part of a team and develop my strategy and technique. I like to dodge to get close to the goal for a shot. I am high speed and confident moving down the alley to bring the ball down. As a Freshman, I was moved up to Varsity on my high school team. Learning from the Seniors and gaining their confidence helped me develop my skills. I am now helping our newer players and have taken on leadership for our offensive players. My coaches have shown me that hard work and practice pays off. Playing college lacrosse is my goal and I hope to reach that goal at a school that values hard work and team work. I play on the Varsity Golf team and a community basketball team. I also do Crossfit workouts to help build my strength and agility. I am taking Honors English, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Chemistry, Honors History. I also completed 3 years of Honors Spanish. I am an Eagle Scout and enjoy high adventure excursions with my family.

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Jeremy Mattoon

Jul 23, 2016

“Good athlete who can dodge left or right. Prefers the right. Played varsity as a frosh. Good athlete. Will give you everything he's got. Outstanding family.”

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