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Daniella Guyette

2022 | CA: Newbury Park
Recruit Profile
Hard working athletic goalie with quick reactions, fierce determination, a calm demeanor under pressure and strives to compete with the best in the country.

Growing up in Southern California, I played baseball and tackle football with the boys. I enjoyed striking out the boys, hitting home runs, and tackling the boys on the football field. Lacrosse was a new sport for me, so I decided to give it a try. I fell in love with the goalie position and have been playing ever since. From the beginning, I wanted to be the best goalie I could be. When I first started playing goalie, it was hard to find any goalie coaches in my area. In time, two Division I lacrosse goalies (Lyndsey Munoz, Stanford 2011-2014 and KC Emerson, Johns Hopkins 2012-2015) moved to Southern California. Through their coaching, I learned a lot about technique and strategy for the goalie position. As I improved my skills and technique, I was also connected with Megan Ward, a three time national champion and goalie of year recipient at UNC. Through their guidance and coaching, I continue to work hard on improving my technique in hopes that I can play lacrosse at an elite Division I university as well.

People often say you have to be a little crazy to play goalie, but I was immediately drawn to the position. It combined multiple aspects of past positions I’ve played in other sports. It kept the physicality of tackle football as well as the poise and one on one tactics from baseball. I love the challenge of trying to stop attackers from scoring. It’s a thrilling position to play, but my calm personality helps me maintain a laser focus and allows me to stay centered until the moment I need to explode to the ball. I’m extremely competitive and I want to stop every ball, yet my easy going personality helps me as a goalie because even the best goalies get scored on. I am able to shake it off, stay positive, and encourage my defense as we get ready to stop the next ball. My role as a leader on the defensive end is important to the team’s success. Working hard together as a team is extremely rewarding and is one of the many things I love about the game of lacrosse.

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