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Haley Matul

2018 | MI: Farmington Hills
Recruit Profile
Dedicated, hard working and assertive goalie who is a leader on and off the field.

I started playing travel softball at the age of 12, as a catcher. I played competitively for years and as a freshman made my high schools varsity division 1 team. During the fall of my sophomore year, I was encouraged by Coach Merucci at Triumph Lacrosse to try goal tending during their fall season. I picked up a goalie stick, got in goal, and fell in love with being in the net and the challenges it presented. I have played for Triumph's varsity team ever since, won several tournament championships, and have recently earned the spot as their goalie for our Triumph Elite National team which will be attending the Midwestern, Capital and President Cup games in 2017. I've accomplished a lot in my short goalie career and take a tremendous amount of pride in my work ethic. I train with 6x6 Goalie Academy out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and Marie Klonowski of Lawerence Tech, the 2017 NAIA Invitational runner up. I'm confident that any of my teammates would support the claim that I am a team leader on the field, but I also take pride in being a leader off the field. I'm proud to have been selected among 200 applicants to be a member of the Peer Leadership Link Crew and I'm very active in the mentor program. My classes include honors chemistry and honors geometry and I'm proud of the fact that I've earned a varsity letter in academics. I love photography and theatre and participate in our schools TV-10 broadcasting program and theatre productions. One can also often find me writing books in my free time. They say it takes a special kind of personality to want to be in the net and I show that every time I step on the field, but in addition to my passion for the game I love participating in my schools theatre and broadcasting programs. All of these interests have led me to pursue my goal of playing lacrosse at the college level, while pursuing a degree in English and Visual Arts and Production.

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Chris Merucci

Feb 3, 2017

Gamechanger goalie. Haley's a lightning rod for our team. Our field general & inspirational leader. Haley makes jaw-dropping saves that look impossible to make & has a save % that defies all logic. Super quick save, clear & release. Tough, Smart, Athletic, Determined,Fearless & Coachable. Born leader. Future DI/DII player

Brad Gigliotti

Oct 24, 2016

Haley is a solid stopper in goal. Moves aggressively towards the ball and is completely reactive. She scans the field well and moves the ball quickly. She communicates effectively to her defense. She's a coachable kid and embraces criticism to improve her game.

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