Jase Ledyard

2020 | OH: Perrysburg
Recruit Profile
Increase team depth & GPA. I won't be outworked in the classroom or on the field. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOWbo4c5o2Q
I’m mature, dependable, and teachable with great self-awareness that often makes me my toughest critic. I make mistakes, take accountability, and always learn from them. While my most natural positions are with a long pole (LSM/D) I’m good with both hands regardless of a long or short stick (SSDM/A). I have played lacrosse since the 4th grade and have had an opportunity to play and attend many national tournaments and events. Currently, I play lacrosse year round and while it is my only high-level focus competitive sport I have played in several recreation leagues for other sports. Grades come first and I take advanced classes, not only will I have a positive impact on the field I will improve your team GPA!
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GPA (unweighted):
93-96; 4.0; A

For a full evaluation of Jase's academic transcript, athletic ability and character please contact coach Calleri at 216.373.5684

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