Julia Wentworth

2022 | NJ: Forked River

For a full evaluation of Julia's athletic ability, academics and collegiate goals please reach out to T3 Ocean Recruiting Coordinator Kelly Knapp and T3 Director Lori Brown.

Patra Acquaviva

Nov 5, 2019

Julia is an explosive player that is not afraid to go to cage. She has an aggressive drive and a powerful shot. Her fundamentals are reliable and consistent and she is always at full effort while on the field.

Enrique Meana

Nov 4, 2019

What most stands out about Julia's game right now-her stick skills under pressure-her love for learning to play-a lax rat! For a Freshman her comfort level/IQ was easily noticeable. I saw in her tremendous potential - she is only going to get sharper, more confident-a must watch!

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