Kalliopi Maniatis

2022 | CT: Orange
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Molon Labe - Greek meaning - come and take, if you can. Your in a dog fight when you come to play our team. I'm all in! Whatever it takes!

-All SCC Defender
-Defensive MVP of Amity High School
-Under Armour All American 2020 Defender
-Under Armour Call Back Academy 2020
-Shake School Top 5 Defender 2020
-Brine President Cup Defender 2019
-Stats in 12 games this summer 2020:
GB's - 24
CT's - 18
Assists - 10
Goals - 3
Help "D" Slides - 28

I've had a very productive break through Junior year. My stats through the end of the season (17 games) are:
GB's - 59
CT's - 69
Assists - 41
Goals - 4
Help "D" Slides - 75

I have a strong 4.2 WGPA / 3.8 UWGPA at a nationally ranked high school. I challenge myself in the classroom as much as on the field. For example, as a sophomore I'm taking two math (Algebra & Geometry) classes and eliminated my study hall in order to prepare for the SAT's. While my friends think I'm crazy for doing that, I know I have a long term goal of playing in college. I want to be prepared and sometimes that takes sacrificing to achieve your goal. My enjoyment from doing well in school is as strong as my smooth crafty play on the field. I'm a vocal leader with heart & grit, that leads thru work ethic and loyalty. As a tenacious & disruptive defender, I play relentlessly on the attacking player. After getting possession of the ball, my head is always up looking for my teammates up field. I'm a strong believer in transitioning and moving the ball quickly into the attack zone. I also have the stamina, length & quickness to shut down the best attack player on the opposing team, all game! I'm always open to improving and fine tuning the nuances of my game that make the difference in pressure filled critical moments! It will allow me to stay calm and not panic, even with opposing players all over me.

Extracurricular activities:
I dance Greek Folk dances in a group for various festivals
I attend Sunday School every Sunday
I run daily, just for fun (I know, I know...)
I run cross country for my high school and Varsity lettered my Freshman Year
I volunteer to build houses as part of ASP (Appalachian Service Project) in Tennessee
I volunteer on Saturday mornings to CDR (Community Dining Room) to feed those in need
I read and volunteer to teach English to students in the inner city schools so they can practice their reading and writing
I referee lacrosse for the Amity Youth

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Honors & Awards:
- Under Armour All American 2020 Defender
- Under Armour Call Back Academy 2020
- Shake School Top 5 Defender

- Brine Presidents Cup Defender 2019
- Varsity Letter Cross Country as a Freshman
- Ranked Top 5 Runner on Amity Varsity CC
- Ranked Top 100 Runners in the State of CT
Other HS Sports Played:
Freshman Basketball Freshman & Sophomore Year Cross Country
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Relevant Lacrosse Accolades:
Under Armour All American 2020 Defender Shake School Top 10 Defender Played in 8 out of 12 games Freshman year Brine Presidents Cup Defender November in FL as a Freshman

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Performance Metrics
10 Yard Dash
1.5 sec
40 Yard Dash
5.9 sec
5-10-5 Shuttle
4.66 sec
Shot Speed
Broad Jump
Vertical Jump
Coach Contacts
High School:
Amity High School, Woodbridge, CT
Jenna DeRosa
Team Name:
Jersey Number:
Club Name:
Nor'easter Lacrosse
Avery Giorgio
Team Name:
Nor'easter Lacrosse 2022 Grit
Jersey Number:

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GPA (unweighted):
93-96; 4.0; A
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Jenna DeRosa

Oct 7, 2020

Kalliopi has been a varsity contributor for the past two seasons at Amity. She comes to practices and games each day ready to work hard and improve her skills. In the off season, she also does the same through any opportunity she can find and her club season. She is always positive, and always willing to accept coach’s feedback. As a defender, she has quick feet and a good read on the ball. Her leadership on the field is evident to her teammates and coaches. She can anticipate and intercept passes and moves the ball quickly up the field when she has possession. Most importantly, she maintains a positive attitude at all times and encourages her teammates and displays sportsmanship and a high level of respect for her opponents and officials. She is an integral part of our team and would make an excellent addition to any team at the next level as well.

Clarissa Clarke

Aug 25, 2020

Kalliopi is a spark. She is coachable, she puts the work in when no one is looking. She loves the game and will be a great addition to any team.

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