Ethan Cavanaugh

2024 | CA: Davis
663 |

Andrew Carey

Oct 12, 2021

Absolute team player. Ethan is a stud defender with a pole or a short stick. Ethan is extremely athletic, smart with the ball in his stick and can defend anywhere on the field. I have had Ethan play SS , LSM, and Close D and every single avenue he shines. He has the size of someone two years older and will only get bigger, faster, stronger over his high school career. Watch out or this kid - extremely coach-able and will do whatever asked for the team.

Joe Sullivan

Sep 14, 2021

Ethan is a tough and tenacious defenseman who takes a lot of pride in winning his matchups. He is able to get the ball up the field on clears with good stick skills and field awareness. Most attackmen will not want to take the punishment Ethan dishes out for a full game.

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