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Mackenzie Maiorano

2018 | MI: Commerce
Recruit Profile
Committed To Kalamazoo College, Women's D3. A vibrant personality. Coachable. Confident. Supportive, Exceptional understanding of the game amazing ability "to

Committed To Kalamazoo College, Women's D3 I love playing Lacrosse…. I enjoy the competition, the team work and the athleticism. I enjoy working with my teammates to be the best team we can be. Last week, I was in a tournament and the head Referee told me I was his favorite player. I was surprised and asked why, he said “ I can tell you love playing, you work hard, and are always kind and positive” That meant a lot to me, because I do try and be a positive leader on and off the field. I started playing Lacrosse in 5th grade and now play year around. I am looking forward to the Spring Season playing for my High School as well as the Summer Travel Season where I will be playing on a National Travel Team with Triumph Lacrosse.

I work out almost every day and my physical fitness is very important to me. I work hard to stay in shape which helps me be effective on the field and my overall well-being.

As for my college aspirations, I would love to play Lacrosse in College but also know that I need to choose a school that will be a good fit for me as a person, academically and to prepare for my future. I am undecided on my major, but am leaning toward Psychology, Leadership and Communications.

September 5, 2017

To whom it may concern:
I have had the pleasure to coach Mackenzie Maiorano for the past three seasons. Through her play and her actions,
both on and off the field, Mackenzie has embodied our club’s mission and core values. I have attached a copy of our
“core values” on a separate sheet. Mackenzie has been a great ambassador for our club; she will be missed but we’re excited for her to continue her academic and athletic experience at the next level. Mackenzie will be a great
addition to any team and will make an immediate positive impact on the field and in the locker room. Below is a more detailed evaluation for Mackenzie.

Athletic Ability: Although not possessing “world class” speed, strength and size, Mackenzie makes up for it in
heart, hustle and determination. She possesses excellent field vision and strong Lax I.Q as well. In addition,Mackenzie has a great ability to “read and react” quickly on the field. She has a keen sense to anticipate plays,
communicate with her teammates

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Chris Merucci

Sep 28, 2017

Mackenzie has an exceptional understanding of the game. High level of Lax I.Q., excellent field vision, understanding & willingness of when to share the ball and when to make the play herself and exhibits tremendous leadership ability. Great team player. Copy this link for my complete letter: https://goo.gl/ivFJND

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