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Michael Zelinski

2018 | NJ: Deptford
Recruit Profile
I am a multi-sport athlete who is highly coachable and hardworking on the field, weight room, and in the classroom

I am fairly new to the game of lacrosse; only beginning in my Freshman year. I take the time to learn as much as I can and work hard to keep pace with those on my team who have played for many years. I am very coachable and always willing to learn and take direction so as to improve my game even further. I also play football and take the same approach there also.

I work hard in the classroom as well. I am an NHS member, and work my hardest to keep my grades up. My goal is to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

I do an extensive amount of volunteer work in my community. This summer, I am volunteering at a local hospital in the Physical Therapy Department, and in the past have volunteered at a non-profit whose main mission is to help the homeless, and anyone in need of assistance.

I also have a part time job working for a landscaping business where my duties vary from private residence and business landscaping to working on the farms. This is seasonal and luckily, my boss works around my sport schedules.

In my spare time, I like to fish, listen to music, and play guitar.

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Bill Keane

Oct 19, 2016

Dedicated multi-sport athlete (Football/Lacrosse) with great work ethic, passion and eagerness to learn. Strong downhill dodger with good vision. Solid velocity on shot.

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