Morgan White

2022 | CT: Norwalk
2.7K |

Laura Discenza

Sep 20, 2020

Morgan is a coach's dream player due to her dedication and work ethic. She was a team leader and earns the respect of her teammates through her actions. Morgan always puts her whole self into every practice and game. She is a tough, scrappy player and has unlimited potential.

Christine Miller

Jan 15, 2019

Morgan is coach-able, a true team player, and a key ingredient to the teams field chemistry. She is always positive and looking for ways to learn and grow. She is communicative and intuitive- seeing the field well, using space to create lanes and opportunities. Her speed and endurance is unmatched.

Peter Koerner

Jan 9, 2019

Morgan's a fast, aggressive and highly skilled defender. She's a good communicator with a high lacrosse IQ. And better yet, she is a true leader. Morgan always set the tone in practice and her teammates followed her lead. She makes real connections with each and every player.

Ben Levy

Jan 2, 2019

Morgan is a quick study and learns concepts very fast. She plays with passion, intensity, and grit. Her 1v1 defensive leaves attackers questioning their own abilities. She has good feet and a high IQ. Her ceiling is very high.

Liz Mosher

Jan 1, 2019

Morgan is a fast defender. She leads the defensive unit with her confidence and communication skills. She positions herself well on 1v1 D and is often taking runs on mid. Her lax IQ is continually growing and is receptive to coach feedback.

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