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Nieve Donegan

2019 | NY: New City
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Multisport Athlete, most competitive with myself, love overcoming a challenge and a hard workout. Always improving. Relentless/ hard working.

I started playing lax when I was in 2nd grade with Hot Shots. I played through 7th grade and then focused for a few years on my other travel sports playing basketball and field hockey. I had an excellent Freshman season as a Varsity lax player making the All Section One Team which fed my love for lax once again. I joined Metro just last fall and have been working hard and improving every day. I feel playing other sports definitely helped my athletic ability and IQ on the field, but kept me off the lax college coach radar for a few years. It has taken a little time to get back on the grid in the lax community,but slowly but surely, I am continuously moving in the direction I want to move. My growth curve is still steep and I love attending camps to learn new techniques and tricks I can apply to my game. I love and play midfield,but have a natural love for the defensive part of the game. I hope to play in college for a coach who really knows lacrosse so I can continue to improve throughout those years as well and reach my full potential. I feel I am only just starting to ascend toward my peak as a lacrosse player now that am focusing on that as my primary sport for the only last 10 months. My goal is to make All-American next season and I will make sure I reach it. I am one of 5 kids and my siblings all play sports as well. I love to travel and truth be told, I don't hate school. I have a 4.0 GPA. I like learning on and off the field. I am involved in many community activities like Ambulance Corps and Helping Hands.

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Michelle Esteban

Aug 19, 2017

Nieve is an amazing athlete. Nieve has had a leading role on our team. On the field, there is no one who tries harder or does as much as she does. Midfielder doesn't explain how much of an asset she is. She consistently gives over 100% daily.

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