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Rob Lucchesi

2019 | NC: Charlotte
Recruit Profile
The most hardworking, communicative, and supportive player on the field. I'm always ready to be coached, and learn new things.

I started playing lacrosse when I was 12, a little bit later than a lot of my teammates. I was behind in skills and in game knowledge. But I had fallen in love withe the sport faster than any of the guys I played with and that set me on the path to go farther than any of them ever would. My middle school team- Randolph Middle School- was nowhere near the best. We had rivalries with other mediocre schools, and got whooped by the good schools, like Alexander-Graham and Carmel. My teammates got used to it, and lacrosse became more of a thing to do. But not me. I was sick of losing to the same teams over and over again, I wanted to be better, I wanted to keep playing. I started playing travel ball for a club program in Ft. Mill, SC - it was another chance to get a stick in my hand and get on the field with new competition and new players. I played for them until my sophomore year when the team went under. I was captain of the JV squad my sophomore year, but I didn't see as much playing time as I wanted. I wasn't going to let that drag me down though. This past summer, I played for the Carolina Miners in Huntersville, NC, with Coach Brian O'Rorke, where I had my best season of lacrosse yet. I learned so much from him, and got the support I needed to improve my skills. I plan to continue to get better and better, and prove to myself and my teammates how much I've grown and developed as a person and a player in my senior season, and continue to play at higher levels than I did before.


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