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Shane Connell

2018 | NY: Orangeburg
1.4 Thousand
Recruit Profile
Fearless, coachable, consistent, determined

I started playing lacrosse when I was in 5th grade. I played midfield for my club team and I did the face off. I want to win every face off. I also play Varsity hockey. I like to be aggressive and get to every ground ball. I am taking AP US History, College Physics and Honors Calculus.


Sean Kelly

Oct 12, 2016

Shane is a hardworking, dedicated player with a strong LAX IQ. He has a positive attitude and is easily coachable!

Steve Carcaterra

Sep 20, 2016

Shane is a "throw-back" type of player who is extremely tough and can get up and down the field. He has put a lot of time into his face off game and it is really starting to pay off!

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