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Stephen Hanscom

2019 | NJ: Voorhees
1.92 Thousand
Recruit Profile
Hard-worker, multi-sport athlete, leader, disciplined, coachable, team player

I started playing lacrosse when I was in fifth grade and I have loved it ever since. I play defense and LSM. I was the captain of the varsity defense my junior year. I excel at my position with my agility, size, and talking on defense, I always attempt to be the loudest player on the field. In addition to defense, I excel at LSM with my never-ending stamina and great stick skills. I also play on the varsity soccer team. I take Honors Chemistry, English, and History. I enjoy doing DECA.


Bill Keane

Oct 31, 2016

Stephen is an extremely athletic, hard working and dedicated defenseman. He has the athleticism to play either close or lsm. Stephen is a excellent student and quite capable of handling the rigors of college lacrosse and top academics.

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