Sydney Calabrese

2022 | NC: Raleigh
1.07 Thousand

Ashley Akpa

Nov 9, 2019

I gave Sydney private lessons for about a year. Sydney is a pleasure to work with. Coachable, hardworking, and so athletic. She is the girl who continues to work hard even if no one is watching! She takes on adversity as fuel to work harder and be better.

Laurie Huger

Nov 8, 2019

Pleasure to coach Sydney in middle school. Not only was she dedicated (once unknowingly continued playing after her nose had been broken!), but after going to HS, she has come back to help coach MS tourneys. Leader. One Love Playday Committee rep. Spirited. Team player.

Damian Hall

Nov 8, 2019

I have been working with Sydney for almost a year. She is driven, hard working, and extremely coachable. She has an aim for greatness and puts in the work to get there. She has solid hands, quick feet, and a great IQ.

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