Todd Cieri

Coach Todd Cieri joined the Centenary men's lacrosse staff as an assistant coach in February of 2019.

Previously Cieri was the head lacrosse coach at the County College of Morris after assisting with the program for a year.

While at CCM, he was in charge of all aspects of the team's needs including recruiting, development of a training program, fundraising, tutoring during study hall, as well as designing and acquiring team gear. Many of Cieri's players went on to play at schools like Montclair State, Stockton University and Moravian College after graduation.

During his last season at CCM, Cieri was lucky to have a woman on his squad who stepped in as goalie for a game that the team won in overtime. To this point Khelsae Andican is the only woman to win a men's college lacrosse game as a goalie, an accomplishment Cieri marks as a highlight of his coaching career.

Prior to coaching at CCM, Cieri started his coaching career in Delaware at the middle school level before becoming the first head coach at the Delaware Military Academy (DMA), a brand new school at the time. At DMA, Cieri helped bring the squad from a first-year junior varsity program to a full varsity program the following year, winning games on both levels. DMA is now a very competitive program in high school lacrosse and was the home of one of our team captains Chris Howell.

Cieri started playing lacrosse in Mountain, Lakes New Jersey, one of the premier lacrosse towns in the country. Matriculating through the program from the 4th grade, Cieri became a standout player for his very successful squad and was honored in high school by long-time head varsity coach Tim Flynn by being issued the #44 jersey. This honor is in remembrance of former MLHS star Hugh Chambers who's #44 is bestowed on the varsity player who most closely matches Hugh's intensity and physical play. Having been a part of multiple state champ teams, Cieri and his graduating class culminated their 1996 senior season as the only undefeated, NJ state champions, in Mountain Lakes history.

After high school, Cieri played for Radford University, a Division I program at the time, received a player of the month award and gained playing time as a freshman.

Ultimately, Cieri transferred to the University of Delaware and played for the club team.