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Tommy Uhl

2017 | NJ: River Vale
1.63 Thousand

Craig Buckley

Aug 12, 2015

Our success last year started on the defensive side of the ball and Tommy played a big role. Tommy is a very solid on-ball defender that played his best against elite attackman. He is a very intelligent lacrosse player. Tommy plays great "team" defense.

Mitch Belisle

Aug 11, 2015

Tommy is a consistent defender and his on-ball presence is punishing and intelligent. He does a great job of driving the hips and using his physicality to his advantage. Off the field Tommy is a true leader with strong work ethic and character.

Michael Velez

Jul 29, 2015

Tommy plays a high tempo physical style of defense. On ball he is always playing the hips of his opponent cutting down their angle to the goal. Smart off ball player. After a ground ball he is always looking to push transition. He is not afraid to shoot on goal.

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