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Zachary Robinson

2020 | VA: Chesapeake
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Plays with high intuitive lax skills and passion!!! Leaves everything on the field and is committed to the TEAM, strong LAX IQ and is always

Hi, I’m Zack. I have been playing lacrosse since I was 9 years old. I first fell in love with this sport when my brother and I were invited by a coach to participate in a practice and a pick up game. After about 30 minutes of coaching, I hit the field and was hooked! I have wanted to play lacrosse in college since my first year and my dream is to play lacrosse professionally.

I have very good stick skills though I know I still have plenty of room for improvement. I am constantly working on my lacrosse skills. I have a re-bounder and a goal in my backyard so I almost always have a stick in my hand. I have excellent ball control and I play with intensity. One of my most valuable assets is my endurance; I may not always be the fastest, but I can run from goal to goal as many times as needed. I am extremely coachable and take to heart what I need to improve on. I am happiest when I am helping my team score; I would rather be in on an assist than go to goal. However, when I have an opportunity to score or my team needs me to step up, I am always giving 110%.

Academically, I am a good student. I work really hard in the classroom and I put in the extra effort when things get difficult. I am a member of River Oak Church and I participate in the youth group.

I do not know where I want to go to college but I have always been interested in history and it’s my best subject. I am also very interested in fitness and nutrition so that might be something that I would want to study in college as well. I have been thinking about opening my own gym one day. I have a regular cardio and weight training program that I am very disciplined in following. I am also involved in a CrossFit program twice a week that was designed specifically for lacrosse players. I am open to all options and I would like to play at the highest level of competition possible.

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