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Zoe Whitlow

2019 | IN: Osceola
Recruit Profile
Drive, heart, passion, commitment, integrity, honesty, humility, clear focus, strategic player, self aware, and values others input.

From an early age I had shown very strong leadership skills and hard work ethic. Little did I then know I would grow into a person who is a 100% team player, deliberately loves helping others, and is all about improving herself. My school year consists of studying, volunteering at my local church's middle school program, conditioning, and practicing. I started out my athletic career as a competitive cheerleader.

Cheer taught me countless important values and lessons that I will continue to hold on to for the rest of my life. I quickly learned patience and optimism; learning how to execute tumbling skills perfectly and hitting a stunt sequence over and over again is never easy. Its not natural. But the satisfaction of finally hitting something or gaining a skill that you have worked so hard for... that makes it all worth while. Cheerleading has given me a different perspective on life. I learned to respect corrective criticism from my coaches and appreciate every teammate's individuality. The sport's impact on me has help me become not only a better cheerleader, but a better person. After my local gym closed I was looking for something to love again, and that's when I found lacrosse. Yes they are two very different sports in every way possible but I fell in love instantly. I was a quick learner to the sport. Lacrosse became my best friend, my skills were on an uphill journey. I advanced very quickly all because of my hearts drive and passion for this new desire.

My goal in college is ultimately to get a degree, but to also make life long friends along the way. Whether that is through a lacrosse program or not, I plan to take full advantage of my college years. After college I want to get a job that has involvement with children and the community, I am also strongly interested in nursing particularly for labor and delivery.


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