Your Safety is our #1 Priority


More and Better Information about Instructors

Beyond just a better player / instructor match, detailed instructor profiles results in a safer user experience. Facebook, Twitter and other verifications serve to validate instructor identities. Instructor profiles include pictures and videos, allowing the instructor to build their reputation on ConnectLAX. Instructors verify their phone number and email address, which is only shared after a session is booked by a player.


Privacy for Instructors and Players

Instructor and player personal information is kept private and only shared between a connected instructor and player, which once a session is booked. Players and parents can anonymously ask questions of potential instructors prior to booking to ensure they are comfortable and the instructor is the right match. In addition, players and parents can anonymously search and evaluate instructor profiles. Privacy settings can be managed in each users profile.


Connected Community

We are building a community of connectivity and transparency. This includes authentic reviews by players that have received instruction from an instructor, endorsements from instructor peers, connecting instructors and players and allowing both instructors and players to follow each other. ConnectLAX members help police the community with tools to flag suspicious activity. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure ConnectLAX remains a safe and trusted marketplace.


Manual Instructor Application Process

Every instructor must apply and be approved by an internal member of the ConnectLAX team to be listed on our site. The application process may involve certain identity and background checks, including but not limited to, a criminal background check and screen against the National Sex Offender Registry. ConnectLAX monitors player and parent feedback to dismiss instructors that do not follow their instructor obligations or otherwise fall short of the ConnectLAX standard.


Personal Safety Guidelines and Recommendations

The initial instruction session between an instructor and player must take place at a practice facility or field outside the home or at the player’s home under adult supervision. We recommend an adult supervise the initial instruction session and use their discretion in the supervision of following instruction sessions.

Ask the instructor any remaining questions you may have when he or she reaches out to confirm the session details prior to the initial instruction session. Inquire about the instruction location and security present at a practice facility or field. Request to Skype or other video chat solution prior to the initial session to further your comfort level with the instructor.

Request the instructor bring a mobile card reader to the instruction session to avoid the exchange of cash during the initial instruction session and future instruction sessions if you deem it appropriate.

Ensure all equipment, athletic gear and water is brought to the initial session to avoid the need to delay the session or make a trip home or to the store during the session.

Diligently review the instructor’s profile and their feedback from previous clients in addition to their tone and helpfulness in answering player questions, if any, which are located at the bottom of the instructor profile.

Request further background information when the instructor contacts you and reference that information, with the permission of the instructor, to gain further comfort. An example may include the instructor’s college team, graduating year and jersey number, which could be referenced against the athletic departments website.

Trust your gut. If you do not feel comfortable receiving instruction from an instructor you’ve booked a session with prior to attending the session, then contact us and we’ll refund your connection fee and assist in matching you with a new instructor if you wish.

Contact us with any safety question or concerns you may have.