Brotherhood Lacrosse Mens 2020

Midland Park, New Jersey
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2020 grads on elite travel teams.
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Player & Info
Christopher Schenck
#99: Goal
NY: Stony Point
5'11" '21
150 A+
Disciplined, high lacrosse IQ, very coachable, strong team player, loves playing the game  
Connor Fox
#00: Mid, LSM
NJ: Ho Ho Kus
6'1" '20
155 A-
Fast, strong, aggressive multi sport athlete Leader on and off the field Coachable and a good teammate Strong family values  
Danny Coleman
#13: Goal
NJ: Ho Ho Kus
5'7" '21
160 B
Multi-sport athlete, fast learner, team player, strong lacrosse IQ, intense, and coachable.  
Dom (Dominic) DelPonte
#00: Att
NJ: Upper Saddle River
6'2" '20
180 A
Coachable, Strong Lacrosse IQ, Driven, Team Player, Determined  
Ethan Shaw
#06: Att, Mid
NJ: Woodland Park
6'2" '20
185 B+
Team player, with strong Lax IQ, coachable and very determined.  
Ian Kelleher
#00: Att
NJ: Oakland
6'1" '20
165 B-
Consistently working hard at perfecting/pushing my game skills, an overall aggressive player, good person, a team player for sure!  
Jack Sparago
#15: Att, Mid
NJ: Ho Ho Kus
5'11" '20
175 A-
Focused, multi sport disciplined athlete. Physical, strong and high IQ  
Jack Stephen
#17: Mid
NJ: Allendale
6'1" '20
205 A-
Multi sport athlete, leader, takes coaching well, smart, wants to grow.  
Jason Olszewski
#04: Mid, Faceoff
NY: Tappan
5'11" '20
165 A+
I am a team player, disciplined, unselfish and coachable. I am a multisport athlete currently playing highschool football and lacrosse and was previously captain of my wrestling team. Lacrosse is my first love and I'm always looking to improve. However, I also excel at academics, am currently enrolled in the highest level classes and maintain close to a 4.0 GPA. Additionally I am involved in the Leo Club, a service organization, assist with set design for our school plays and am in the Math club.  
Joseph Aliano
#06: Mid
NJ: Hawthorne
5'8" '20
145 A
Coachable, aggressive, multi-sport athlete, fast  
Lucas Podvey
#77: Mid
NJ: Montclair
5'6" '20
145 A-
Multi-Sport Athlete (Ice Hockey Goalie), Athletic, Strong Lax IQ, Coachable and a Team First Player  
Owen Stephenson
#05: Def, LSM
NJ: Glen Rock
5'9" '20
145 A-
Smart, resourceful, physically and mentally tough three-sport varsity athlete. Hard-working, and best of all, coachable. Team-first player with a great lacrosse IQ. Physical.  
Patrick Loftus
#00: Def, LSM
NJ: Pine Brook
6'0" '20
175 B+
Very strong lax IQ, student of the game. Dedicated, hardworking, always trying to improve. Committed team player and very coachable.  
Paul Taube
#02: Def, LSM
NJ: Oakland
5'8" '20
155 A-
Very Coachable, strong will to win, willing to do whatever is asked of my from my team, refuse to give anything less than 100%  
Russell Yuen
#42: Att, Mid
NJ: Oradell
6'1" '20
200 A-
Versatile 2-way player with size and speed. High velocity set shooter that can also dodge and shoot in motion.  
Sean Grady
#00: Att
NJ: Upper Saddle River
6'2" '20
215 A-
Strong character and integrity, team player who is aggressive yet smart, disciplined and coachable. O/D Line Football. Tirelessly persistent, hard working and accountable  
Vann Weinkauf
#22: Att
NJ: River Edge
5'10" '20
140 A+
Coachable, very experienced, disciplined, high lacrosse IQ, hard-worker, and a strong finisher  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
Team Calendar
Event & Info
NXT Jersey Invitational
Nov 4 '18
NJ: Lawrence Township
Boys Summer Slam
Jun 22-23 '19
PA: West Chester
Liberty National Elite Classic Tournament
Jun 29-30 '19
DE: Frederica
Trilogy Providence Tournament
Jul 13-14 '19
RI: Smithfield
Hofstra Warrior LI Lacrosse Classic
Jul 14-15 '18
NY: Hempstead
Pennsylvania Invitational
Jun 15-16 '19
PA: West Bradford Township
Blue Chip 225 Nat'l Showcase
Jul 17-19 '18
MA: Amherst
Victory Showcase Camp
Oct 28 '18
MD: North East
LI Fall Classic Showcase
Nov 18 '18
NY: Farmingdale
Lehigh Fall King of the Mountain
Nov 11 '18
PA: Bethlehem
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