Carolina Miners Yellow Mens

Charlotte, North Carolina
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HS elite players on yellow team.
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AJ McMahon
#23: Mid, Faceoff
NC: Huntersville
5'8" '20
180 B+
Multi-sport athlete, coachable, aggressive, ambitious, serious, and always ready to work. 3.5 GPA and Honors Classes of Math and Science  
Alex Habel
#22: Def
NC: Charlotte
6'2" '20
190 A-
Big, coachable player, multisport athlete (basketball, potentially football) with a strong Lax IQ  
Alex Manning
#04: Mid, Draw
NC: Charlotte
5'7" '19
145 A
Hardworking, dedicated, team leader that makes everyone on the field better.  
Baker Westmoreland
#21: Att, Mid
NC: Huntersville
6'0" '20
205 B+
Coachable, Team Player, Leader on and off the Field, Hard Worker, High Lacrosse IQ, Strong and Accurate Shooter, Aggressive, Multi-Sport Athlete.  
Braden Shealy
#00: Att, Mid
NC: Hickory
6'1" '20
165 A
respectful, coachable, disciplined, strong lax IQ, team player  
Carter Wilcox
#10: Att
NC: Harrisburg
5'10" '21
145 A+
Very coachable, strong IQ with strong passion for the game. Who can go both hands. 4.31 GPA/A honor roll.  
Cole Rasenberger
#06: Def, LSM
NC: Davidson
5'11" '19
180 A-
Can easily take instruction and put it into play, cooperative, ambitious, strong and aggresive defensive play  
Connor Harmon
#00: Att
NC: Mathews
5'9" '19
150 A-
Multi sport athlete, dominant on the field, leader  
Foad Abulhaj
#42: Goal
NC: Cornelius
5'8" '19
215 B+
High Iq, Team player, hardworker, determined, multi sport athlete, coachable  
Jacob Mooney
#00: Att
NC: Charlotte
5'9" '19
165 A-
Good team player, respectful of everyone on and off the field, good finisher.  
James Edmiston
#24: Def, LSM
NC: Huntersville
6'1" '20
178 B+
4-sport athlete. Tenacious and aggressive. Varsity lacrosse Team Captain. Team leader in caused turnovers, second in groundballs (behind fogo).  
Lewis Long
#00: Att, Mid
NC: Charlotte
6'0" '19
175 A-
Hard worker, coachable, strong lacrosse IQ, with a strong passion to get better.  
Liam Newell
#00: Mid, Faceoff
NC: Huntersville
6'2" '20
185 B
Coachable, multi-sport athlete, brings energy to practice, competitive  
Owen Thomas
#18: Mid, Faceoff
NC: Huntersville
5'11" '19
180 C+
I am coachable, aggressive, multi-sport athlete, team player, leader, dedicated, driven, determined, learner, unshakable, humble, likeable guy  
Rob Lucchesi
#17: Def
NC: Charlotte
6'1" '19
185 B+
The most hardworking, communicative, and supportive player on the field. I'm always ready to be coached, and learn new things.  
Thad Flood
#99: Def
NC: Huntersville
5'11" '20
175 A-
Smart, hard working, high lacrosse IQ, determined, aggressive, athlete, gentlemen, sportsman, scholar  
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IWLCA Presidents Cup
Nov 16-18 '18
FL: Kissimmee
Fall Rumble in Richmond
Nov 3-4 '18
VA: Midlothian
Capital Classic Lacrosse Tournament
Jun 29-30 '19
MD: Poolesville
LaxFed Members Cup
Jul 8-9 '19
MD: North East
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