Mad Dog National 2022

Manasquan, New Jersey
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Class of 2022 West Coast / CA players on elite travel team.
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Alec Straw
#56: Def
WA: Sammamish
6'0" '22
195 A
Strong lax IQ, aggressive defender that can push transition, state champ and varsity starter as freshman.  
Braden Poon
#79: Mid, Faceoff
CA: Los Angeles
5'10" '22
180 A
Athletic, physical, explosive, versatile, fast, strong Lax IQ, and coachable team player.  
Brian Straw
#57: Def, LSM
WA: Sammamish
6'1" '22
185 A+
Hardworking, team player with high Lax IQ. Disciplined and coachable.  
Cole Rogers
#99: Mid
WA: Woodinville
6'0" '22
180 A-
Aggressive dodging midfielder, shoots with both hands and a force on defense & in transition and is a tough, hardworking, coachable, team leader.  
Coleman Kraske
#68: Faceoff
NC: Raleigh
6'0" '22
205 B+
Team player, disciplined, determined and aggressive, but most importantly a family guy who views team as family.  
Drew Anderson
#31: Att, Mid
CA: Los Alamitos
5'10" '22
160 A-
Coachable, hard working team player with strong lacrosse IQ and a tenacious work ethic.  
Drew Tyson
#00: Goal
CA: Santa Ana
5'8" '22
145 A+
Quick reflexes, team leader, strong Lax IQ. I've grown up in the sport and have a passion for it.  
Finn O'Malley
#33: Def
WA: Bellingham
6'0" '22
195 A
Coachable, Leader, High Lax IQ  
Harrison Trikas
#80: Goal
CA: San Juan Capistrano
5'10" '22
162 A
I am a coachable player and I work hard in whatever I do. I listen and am a good teammate .  
Jack Wynperle
#34: Def, LSM
CA: Pacific Palisades
6'3" '22
178 A+
Shutdown defender that can cause the turnover and quickly transition to offense; two-way football player; fast; disciplined and hard working  
Jojo Dean
#14: Mid
CT: Avon
5'11" '22
181 A-
I'm Athletic and fast on both sides of the ball using both hands equally. Started all 16 games at Avon Old Farms freshman year. Freshman athlete of the year 2018.  
Jon King
#22: Att, Mid
UT: Draper
6'0" '22
160 A-
Coachable, team player always looking for one more pass, disciplined, multi-sport athlete  
Julian Jenkins
#06: Def, LSM
CA: Long Beach
6'2" '22
200 A-
Very coachable defender with solid footwork and strength and has been playing lacrosse for over 9 years. He is a hard worker and very competitive with everything he does.  
Logan Ip
#78: Att, Mid
CA: Newport Coast
5'10" '22
165 A+
Coachable, team player, hard working, determined, athletic  
Lucas Newton
#32: Att, Mid
CA: Corona Del Mar
6'1" '22
200 A+
Strong Lax IQ with advanced stick skills and great field vision. An unselfish and coachable physical athlete who is impactful on both ends of the field.  
Luke Lemus
#28: Att
CA: San Clemente
6'0" '22
173 A-
Hard working, mutisport athlete, aggressive hard shot  
Makai Todd
#40: Att, Mid
CA: San Clemente
5'9" '22
145 B+
Quick dodger, especially from behind the net, will make the last pass to the shooter. Can run the offense from the top, side or behind.  
Mitchell Adkins
#00: Att
MD: Woodbine
5'10" '23
170 A+
Dedicated multi-sport athlete and scholar with long-term collegiate and professional goals; shifty off-ball player that creates team-scoring opportunities; a hardworking leader on and off the field.  
Robert Pendergist
#44: Mid
NJ: Brielle
6'0" '22
185 C
Team player, multi-sport athlete, high lacrosse IQ, and hard working.  
Seve Cordero
#63: Att
BC: Victoria
5'9" '22
185 B+
Coachable, High IQ, Box Player, team player, quick release/hard, accurate shot, high percentage shooter, passes through a window, lefty wing dodger/finisher/feeder  
Thomas Vandenberg
#54: Mid
UT: Park City
6'1" '22
190 A
Ty Caffarelli
#35: Att
CA: Newport Beach
5'8" '22
180 A-
Determined crease attack that utilizes both hands effectively. Aggressive, physical play with a quick release and strong, accurate shot. Vision to direct, create & finish a play.  
Zach Friedman
#00: Def, LSM
CO: Arvada
6'2" '22
185 A+
I am a multi-sport athlete who gives my best on the field and in the classroom and encourage my teammates to do the same.  
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Naptown National Challenge Boys HS
Aug 3-5 '20
MD: Annapolis
Big4 Summer Champions League
Aug 8-9 '20
Crab Feast
Aug 1-2 '20
MD: Bel Air
B'more Fall Classic
Oct 31-Nov 1 '20
MD: Columbia
Wasatch Invitational
Oct 10-11 '20
UT: Salt Lake City
Adrenaline Blackjack Classic
Jan 16-18 '21
AZ: Maricopa
Naptown Challenge Boys HS
Jul 8-10 '19
MD: Annapolis
NLF National All-Star Games
Sep 26-27 '20
DE: Milford
Naptown National Challenge
Jun 28-30 '21
MD: Annapolis
Apex West Coast Showcase
Jan 23-24 '21
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