Mad Dog NJ Shore Girls 2021-2022

Manasquan, New Jersey
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2021-2022 grads on women's NJ Shore elite travel team.
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Player & Info
Ava Carabetta
#15: Mid, Def
NJ: Brick
5'2" '21
120 B
Has a growing love for the game, always looking to get better, very determined, multi-sport athlete.  
Ava Longo
#09: Def
NJ: Fair Haven
5'6" '22
125 A-
Coachable, team player, high academics, and a multi-sport athlete  
Brigit Kane
#07: Att, Def
NJ: Spring Lake
5'3" '22
135 A+
I am dedicated, passionate, and ambitious on and off the field. I constantly strive to be supportive to my teammates and respectable to my coaches.  
Devon Smith
#05: Att
NJ: Howell
5'7" '21
170 A-
Whether on or off the field, always cheering on my teammates. Coachable, aggressive, high lax IQ and determined to play the best.  
Hailey Hathaway
#22: Att, Mid, Def
NJ: Brielle
5'7" '22
130 A
Disciplined, adaptive, and constantly working to improve. Coachable team player with a passion for the game!  
Lilianne Kopack
#00: Mid, Draw
NJ: Point Pleasant
5'5" '21
120 A+
Determined, experienced and coachable multi-sport athlete and team player with a drive to always play at my best.  
Natalie Moradian
#62: Goal
NJ: Freehold
5'3" '22
190 A
Strong Lax IQ, very aggressive multi sport athlete, passionate, coachable, always puts in 100%  
Olivia Ottaviano
#00: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Manasquan, Nj
5'5" '22
106 A-
I am a multi-sport athlete with a passion for Lax! A team player, determined and aggressive with a strong Lax IQ!  
Ryleigh Finelli
#00: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Brick
5'9" '21
160 B
team player, quick thinking, aggressive, coachable, multi-sport athlete  
Sophia DeSibio
#00: Att, Mid, Def
NJ: Wall
5'5" '22
115 NA
I am a good listener, I am aggressive, I can play multiple positions, I am a fast runner.  
Tess Terranova
#00: Att, Mid, Def
NJ: Wall
5'4" '22
I started my lacrosse experience in 5th grade. Having been a confident soccer player previously gave me the skills needed to enter the lacrosse arena. I knew that my offense and defense skills along with my speed and agility earned as a soccer player would easily transfer over and help me become a successful lacrosse player. Certain academic strengths like my excellent listening skills, determination, and perseverance have also aided in my athletic ability. I have never been afraid of hard work or any obstacles that have come my way. I have always known that with hard work comes greatness. In addition, I have always been a team player. I firmly believe that the success of a team comes from each individual player working for the common good of the whole team and not going solo in order to earn accolades for himself. That is not what a team sport is about.  
Yasmine Manno
#00: Att, Mid, Def
NJ: Spring Lake Heights
5'6" '22
115 A-
I am a coachable , hardworking, determined player with a strong Lax IQ and a lot of hustle. I have a great ability to read plays and pick off passes.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
Team Calendar
Event & Info
Prime Time
Nov 3 '18
MD: North East
Summer Genesis
Jun 8-9 '19
PA: Palmyra
The Grind
Jul 6-7 '19
PA: Malvern
The Surge
Jul 12-14 '19
DE: Frederica
Live Love Lax Tournament
Jun 15-16 '19
MD: Bel Air
Fall Face Off by T3
Nov 9-10 '19
NJ: Flemington
Diamond Games by T3
Nov 16-17 '19
NJ: Flemington
Fall Face Off by T3
Nov 10 '18
NJ: Flemington
IWLCA Presidents Cup
Nov 22-24 '19
FL: Wellington
Warrior Diamond Fall Invitational
Nov 17 '19
MD: Baltimore
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