NXT LC Girls 2021

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Girl's 2021 grads on elite travel teams.
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Abby Cannon
#15: Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Philadelphia
5'9" '21
125 B+
Coachable, gritty team player with a strong desire to win. A dependable, competitively driven multi sport athlete who is aggressive and never giving up.  
Abigail DeGroat
#05: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Ambler
5'11" '21
145 A+
Excellent stick skills and field awareness, coachable with an easy going personality.  
Abigail Johnson
#39: Att, Mid
PA: Abington
5'3" '21
140 A
Solid stick skills, strong crease roller and passer, high lacrosse IQ, was able to quickly and efficiently shift from attack to midfield in one season, and extremely coachable.  
Aliza Thir
#43: Mid
PA: Glenmoore
5'7" '21
116 A+
Fast, hardworking, smart with the ball, coachable, practice a lot on my own, aggressive  
Bryn Rochon
#07: Mid, Draw
PA: Downingtown
5'2" '21
115 A-
Coachable, determined, team player, aggressive, gritty and very fast.  
Caroline Kelly
#18: Att, Mid
PA: Harleysville
5'7" '21
130 A
Excellent stick skills, very strong Lax IQ, Coachable, team player, I am determined and strive to keep improving.  
Chloe Herghelegiu
#66: Goal
PA: Huntingdon Valley
5'7" '21
127 A
Dedicated student athlete , coachable, honor society member, youth lacrosse referee, summer camp counselor  
Chloe Mingioni
#09: Att
PA: Garnet Valley
5'6" '21
145 A
Hard working, goal oriented and a team player. Strengths include field vision and game IQ.  
Gail Wilkes
#14: Goal
PA: Lancaster
5'6" '21
135 B
Goal driven athlete, innate ability to defend the goal and direct defensive players, quick reflexes, coachable, and a team player.  
Greta Wolff
#12: Def
PA: Kennett Square
6'1" '21
150 B+
Tall, fast, strong, and a smart versatile player. Coachable team leader who is motivated and tough. A multi-sport athlete who is driven and dedicated on and off the field.  
Haleigh Schafer
#06: Mid, Def
NJ: Egg Harbor City
5'8" '21
155 A-
Coachable, always willing to learn new things, passionate, multi- sport athlete, aggressive, determined and communicator on the field.  
Hazel Gardner
#01: Mid
PA: Exton
5'5" '21
130 B+
Fast, aggressive team player who loves playing midfield and defense. Competitive by nature. Former soccer player.  
Julia Basciano
#99: Mid
PA: Glenmoore
5'6" '21
117 A
Fast, driven, aggressive and gritty player. Always having fun.  
Kaitlyn Henning
#10: Att, Mid
PA: Garnet Valley
5'3" '21
130 A
Strong work ethic, awareness on the field, team oriented, strong stick skills and communicator and very coachable.  
Katie Bergen
#33: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Newtown Square
5'5" '21
120 A-
Coachable, team player, strong Lax IQ, works hard on and off the field, a strong leader, GRITTY multi-sport athlete  
Katie Chisholm
#38: Mid, Def, Draw
PA: West Chester
5'4" '21
121 A-
Top tier athlete, fast, aggressive, explosive playmaker. Shut down take away defender, brings toughness, slides and doubles well, great 1V1 match up, creates offense with defense and quickness to ball  
Kendall DiCamillo
#44: Def, Draw
PA: Garnet Valley
5'7" '21
145 A-
Strong Lax IQ, team player, multi sport athlete, Gritty, communicator, leader. Coachable and a team player. Unselfish and hardworking in every sport I play.  
Lizzie Paterno
#00: Att, Mid
PA: State College
5'8" '21
140 A-
Strong Lax IQ, very aggressive and physical, multi-sport athlete  
Madison Vetterlein
#04: Def
PA: Villanova
5'7" '21
130 B
Coachable, great teammate and leader with high lacrosse IQ. Multi Sport athlete in soccer and lacrosse.  
Maya Langin
#02: Att
PA: Garnet Valley
5'6" '21
130 A
Coachable, non-selfish player with a strong Lax IQ - hardworking, motivated, and positive athlete with strong leadership qualities.  
Morgan Eater
#11: Def
PA: Furlong
5'4" '21
113 A+
Multisport athlete (swimming), coachable, aggressive, well-conditioned, good awareness of field space.  
Olivia Murphy
#21: Att
PA: Honey Brook
5'3" '21
110 A-
Leader on the field, great lax-IQ, skilled Lefty, and a fierce player with grit.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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Team Calendar
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Top Flight by T3
Jul 5-7 '19
NJ: Basking Ridge
IWLCA Presidents Cup
Nov 22-24 '19
FL: Wellington
NXT Girls Philly Invitational
Nov 17 '19
PA: Downingtown
NXT Philly Summer Invitational Girls
Jun 22-23 '19
PA: Conshohocken
LAX For the Cure Fall (Jersey)
Nov 9-10 '19
NJ: New Egypt
Live Love Lax Tournament
Jun 15-16 '19
MD: Bel Air
NXT Philly Summer Showcase Girls
Jun 21 '19
PA: Downingtown
NXT The Fall Classic
Oct 19-20 '19
PA: West Bradford Township
The All-American NXT Tournament
Jun 8-9 '19
PA: Downingtown
NXT Philly Fall Showcase
Nov 16 '19
PA: Downingtown
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