T3 North 2023 Black

Morristown, New Jersey
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Women's 2023 grad year players on T3 North elite travel teams.
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Abby Hansen
#16: Att
NJ: Basking Ridge
5'9" '23
130 B
Multi sport athlete, aggressive and coachable.  
Alex Popham
#00: Mid, Draw
NJ: Rumson
5'7" '23
133 A
Athletic, fast, strong, coachable, extremely aggressive and uses soccer and basketball IQ to read situations on field quickly and accurately. Always looks to help on D and create options offensively.  
Alex Wright
#27: Mid
NJ: Parsippany
5'2" '23
124 A
Determined, driven by love for the game. Extremely coachable. Great team player. Multi-sport athlete. Work hard to be the best player I can be.  
Anna Sacus
#00: Att
NJ: Morristown
5'6" '23
145 A
Coachable, strong lax IQ, committed and multi-sport athlete.  
Ava DiCesare
#18: Mid, Draw
NJ: Basking Ridge
5'5" '23
Team player, great speed, disciplined with high Lax IQ, multi-sport athlete.  
Emma Batljan
#01: Goal
NJ: Chatham
5'6" '23
145 A-
Coachable, open to criticism, team player, determined, multi-sport athlete, lefty goalie  
Hailey Waldron
#08: Mid, Draw
NJ: Martinsville
5'4" '23
115 A-
Extremely fast. Natural Leader. Playing since Pre-School. Very Coachable. Determined athlete.  
Isabella Wu
#31: Def
NJ: Hackettstown (Resides In Long Valley)
5'5" '23
135 A+
Aggressive, disciplined, driven, coachable, dependable, multi-sport athlete. Has over 60 hours of community service.  
Kendall Lee
#20: Mid
NJ: Morristown
5'2" '23
120 B+
Hard work, speed, very coachable, good Lax IQ, aggressive, team player  
Lily Dickerson
#52: Att, Mid
NJ: Westfield
5'6" '23
125 A-
Athletic, aggressive and tenacious left handed multi-sport athlete, with strong academic record. Coachable and team oriented.  
Lily Kaplan
#43: Goal
NJ: Summit
5'6" '23
150 A
open to learning and trying new things, team player, recognize my mistakes and work hard to fix them, open to constructive criticism, patient/calm, empathetic, multi-sport athlete  
Lindsay Gellert
#00: Att
NJ: Mountain Lakes
5'3" '23
125 A
All-honors student, extremely strong athleticism and team player. 3-sport athlete who is determined, competitive and disciplined. Interest in business; strong extracurricular/community involvement (going for Girl Scout Gold Award)  
Maddie Wright
#32: Att
NJ: Parsippany
5'5" '23
Coachable, multi sport athlete, always want to learn more, hardworking, good sportsmanship and have a good Lax IQ  
Meeghan Lonieski
#21: Att, Mid
NJ: Maplewood
5'3" '23
105 A
competitive disciplined coachable multi-sport athlete high lax IQ quick learner aggressive fast/flexible I play with drive and heart  
Nicole Blair
#02: Goal
NJ: Bridgewater
5'6" '23
117 NA
Driven, focused, motivated, aggressive, great lacrosse IQ, quick, eager, competitive multi-sport athlete.  
Renee Vozza
#26: Att
NJ: Westfield
5'1" '23
108 A-
Natural leader. Student body President in Middle School. Now Freshman Class Vice President. Coachable. Team player. Smart disciplined player. Multi sport athlete. Loves practice and constantly building Lax IQ.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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Summer Genesis
Aug 7-9 '20
WPLL Futures: New Jersey (virtual tryout)
Jun 1 '20
NJ: Princeton
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