Team Buffalo Mens 2018

Amherst, New York
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Men's 2018 grads on elite travel teams. The BLA strives to develop the total student-lacrosse athlete. Through much hard work and continual enhancement, the BLA Player Development Program is a curriculum that strives to enhance player growth while having fun.
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Alec Miller
#51: Mid
NY: Williamsville
5'10" '18
145 A-
Coachable, incredible work ethic  
Andrew Hersey
#00: Mid, Def, LSM
NY: Lancaster
5'6" '18
168 A+
Good quick feet, smart disciplined leader on the field. Great at sliding and playing body defense.  
Ben Mazur
#00: Goal
NY: Lancaster
5'11" '18
195 A+
Intelligent Goalie who can turn defense into offense while quarterbacking the defense.  
Ben Napieralski
#77: Att
NY: Lancaster
6'1" '18
170 A-
Ambidextrous attackman looking to make strong contributions at collegiate level  
Brett Beetow
#03: Att, Mid
NY: Lancaster
5'10" '18
180 B+
Most Valuable Offensive Player of the Year (2), 2015 Gait Cup All-Star  
Bryce Benham
#00: Def, LSM
NY: Lancaster
5'11" '18
185 A-
Aggressive D/LSM, speed, varsity lacrosse freshman year  
Carlo DiRienzo
#00: Mid
NY: 14086
5'8" '18
175 A
Multi-sport student athlete, hardworking, team player, coachable, determined with good lax IQ  
Dominic DeMartino
#00: Att, Mid, Faceoff
NY: Derby
6'0" '18
165 B+
Lacrosse is my passion. I enjoy playing and receiving tips to make me a better player.  
Evan Isenberg
#00: Def, LSM
NY: East Amherst
5'9" '18
165 A-
Coachable, love lacrosse  
Jack Brinkworth
#32: Goal
NY: East Aurora
5'9" '18
160 A-
Coach able, good leadership skills, communication, and great work ethic. Determined athlete with strong Lax IQ and is a Multi sport athlete.  
Maxwell Nowicki
#08: Def
NY: Amherst
6'0" '18
214 C+
Highly coachable team player. Determined athlete with strong Lax IQ. Multi sport athlete looking to play college lacrosse  
Mitchell Summers
#04: Att
NY: Hamburg
5'9" '18
152 B
Team player, determined, aggressive, good LAX IQ  
Peter Kern
#00: Def
NY: East Aurora
6'5" '18
202 B+
Coachable, aggressive, hardworker, determined, multisport athlete in Basketball, Rowing and Lacrosse  
Rob Robinson
#00: Def
NY: Kenmore
5'11" '18
160 B+
I am a multi talented three sport athlete with a strong overall sports IQ. I excel in math, science, and  
Thomas Cecere
#15: Att
NY: Grand Island
5'11" '18
175 B
Coachable, Hardworking player that never stops moving with a strong lacrosse IQ, aggressive, skilled, and multi-sport athlete.  
Zachary Belter
#43: Def, LSM
NY: North Tonawanda
6'4" '18
195 A-
Aggressive defender  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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