Triumph Lacrosse 2019

Plymouth, Michigan
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2019 grads.
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Abigail Trosin
#42: Att, Mid, Draw
MI: Fenton
5'8" '21
125 A-
Strong, academic, multi-sport athlete. I am a driven, hard working student-athlete with a high lacrosse IQ. Motivated and aggressive player.  
Ali Lazzara
#15: Att, Mid
MI: Oxford
5'4" '18
115 A+
Team player, fast, agile, high Lax IQ, very hard worker both in practice and in games.  
Angelina Wiater
#10: Mid, Def
MI: Troy
5'8" '18
135 A-
Agressive, Hard working, Fast, Competitive, Athletic, Coachable, Smart, Able to anticipate, Leader, Determined, Multi-sport athlete, Persistent  
Brooke Holland
#05: Att, Mid
MI: Commerce Township
5'3" '19
120 A-
Coachable, determined, quick learner, multi-sport athlete, 5 year player, play-maker.  
Caroline Leyden
#91: Mid, Def
MI: Milan
5'5" '19
135 B+
Ready for new opportunities, leader on and off the field. Aggressive, field smart, team player, open to criticism, perseverance, coachable  
Corrin Stanecki
#05: Att, Def, Draw
MI: Commerce Township
5'6" '20
150 A+
Coachable, assertive, internally motivated and disciplined, congenial, team player, multi-sport athlete always looking to improve  
Delaney Djuric
#06: Mid, Def
MI: Farmington Hills
5'7" '18
135 A-
Coachable, experienced, determined, team player, very engaged in the community, and has well rounded experience.  
Elena Smith
#94: Att, Mid, Def
MI: White Lake
5'7" '20
130 A+
Team player, assertive, adaptive & vocal. Play both defense & offense. Able to read plays, make adjustments & adapt quickly. My coach calls me "quarterback" :-)  
Elizabeth Bartels
#09: Att, Mid
MI: White Lake
5'4" '19
125 A
Dynamic, enthusiastic, dedicated team player passionately devoted to athletics and academics. Determined to prove myself on and off the field.  
Elizabeth Oda
#07: Mid, Def, Draw
MI: Clarkston
5'7" '19
125 A-
I am a determind athlete who has a great understading of the entire field!  
Emily Hill
#30: Att, Mid, Draw
MI: Saline
5'9" '18
130 B
I am easily coached and I have explosive speed along with good field vision. I thrive to be a team player and always give 110%.  
Haley Matul
#00: Goal
MI: Farmington Hills
5'5" '18
143 B+
Dedicated, hard working and assertive goalie who is a leader on and off the field.  
Isabella Murphy-Morrow
#33: Mid, Draw
MI: Canton
5'8" '19
136 A-
Izzy is true natural athlete who is aggressive and plays with finesse. She is very coachable.  
Jenna Anheuser
#29: Att, Mid, Def
MI: Canton
5'5" '19
130 A
Coachable, athletic, hardworking, with a high Lax IQ, versatile, tough defender at any position with great vision and unselfish offensive skills.  
Katelyn Waligora
#85: Def
MI: Canton
5'7" '19
130 A-
Multi-sport athlete. Coachable, team player who is disciplined, hard working and determined. I love learning more everyday and improving  
Kyra Moore
#04: Mid, Def
MI: Mattawan
5'2" '19
120 A-
Coachable, determined athlete that was once a multi-sport athlete which helped build me as a player.  
Mackenzie Maiorano
#13: Att, Mid, Faceoff, Draw
MI: Commerce
5'6" '18
126 A-
Committed To Kalamazoo College, Women's D3. A vibrant personality. Coachable. Confident. Supportive, Exceptional understanding of the game amazing ability "to  
Macy Manchester
#08: Mid, Def
MI: Washington
5'6" '18
140 A-
Teachable, team player with strong LAX IQ, field vision, and play execution. Easily coached, disciplined, determined, and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Mallory Brophy
#02: Mid
MI: Bloomfield Hills
5'1" '21
110 A-
strong player, coachable, agressive team player  
Melanie Stoughton
#17: Def
MI: White Lake
5'4" '18
130 A
2016-17 All-State Honorable Mention; Varsity Captain of Walled Lake Lady Knights Team multi-sport athlete.  
Rachel Heicher
#23: Att, Draw
MI: Commerce Township
5'7" '19
165 A-
Coachable, dependable, athletic, multi-sport athlete, determined, strong, aggressive, tenacious, strong instincts  
Sarah Kowal
#76: Att, Mid, Faceoff, Draw
MI: Ann Arbor
5'6" '18
120 A
Coachable, team player - Very fast, determined and multi-sport athlete. Can lead, score, pass and defend. Great teammate.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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Project 120
Jun 22-23 '19
NJ: Lawrenceville
IWLCA Presidents Cup
Nov 22-24 '19
FL: Wellington
Midwest Cup
Jul 25-26 '20
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