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Lombard, Illinois
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Ben Rumminger
#00: Def
CO: Castle Pines
5'10" '21
175 B+
Coachable,Respectful,Good IQ,Strong  
Brandon Grishman
#00: Mid, Def, Faceoff, LSM
CO: Littleton
6'1" '22
165 B-
Coachable, multisport, very aggressive, strong leader, and a good team player.  
Connor Hurley
#37: Mid
CO: Littleton
5'11" '22
180 C+
Coachable. I am a dedicated player who is always searching for improvements. Aggressive  
D. Gibbs Waxter
#00: Att
CO: Englewood
5'8" '21
140 B+
Loves the game and always wants to improve!  
Easton Austin
#02: Mid
CO: Littleton
5'8" '22
140 B
I’m a sophomore at Chatfield High School in Colorado. Who is a hard worker and very motivated. I’m a great team player that has great lacrosse IQ and very coachable.  
Edward Konizeski
#00: Def, LSM
CO: Littleton
5'7" '22
160 A-
coachable, leader, strong lax IQ, determined, focused  
Gabriel Boston
#00: Att, Mid, Faceoff
CO: Littleton
5'8" '22
155 A-
Love the game and very coach able.  
Grant Webster
#00: Att, Mid, Faceoff
CO: Englewood
6'0" '21
160 A+
I just get the game. I can play any position needed (except Goalie) that is needed.  
Quinn Penton
#197: Att, Mid
CO: Aurora
5'6" '21
183 B-
Team first, I look for assists but I know when to take it for myself, coachable, I bring the energy, disciplined  
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