True Idaho 2022 Boys

Lombard, Illinois
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Caleb Johnson
#00: Att
ID: Caldwell
5'10" '22
175 A-
Physical player, team mentality, aggressive multi-sport athlete (football, basketball), coachable, leader on the field  
Charlie Weyhrich
#22: Def
ID: Boise
6'3" '22
195 A-
Natural defensive leader with very good field vision; very coachable with a strong desire to constantly improve.  
Dylan Kugler
#37: Att
ID: Boise
6'0" '22
185 B+
I am determined to play lacrosse at the next level. I won’t stop grinding until I reach my goal that I set in the 1st grade to play college lacrosse.  
Gage Rudolph
#15: Att, Mid
ID: Star
6'2" '22
160 A-
Disciplined left handed team player with a strong skill set & passion for the game. Dedicated to outside the box thinking. Versatile, competitive athlete who plays to win.  
Jonathan Russell
#00: Att, Mid
ID: Eagle
6'0" '22
155 A-
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Jordan Steele
#33: Att, Mid
ID: Eagle
5'10" '22
145 A-
Team player with strong lax IQ, willing to learn and work hard in the process.  
Karsen Kenyon
#00: Mid, Faceoff
ID: Eagle
6'1" '22
150 B+
team player, very coachable, hard working, determined to get better  
Rowan Hynes
#00: Def
ID: Meridian
6'2" '22
200 A-
Talented defenseman with great stick skills. Exceptional ability to cause turnovers and get the ground ball. Highly coachable and committed.  
Wylie Warchol
#27: Att, Mid
ID: Boise
5'10" '22
178 A+
Dedicated, hard working and extremely coachable. High lax IQ and multi sport athlete.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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Legends Western Invitational
Jul 8-9 '20
UT: Salt Lake City
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