True IL 2022 State Girls

Lombard, Illinois
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AJ Jameson
#10: Goal
IL: Bolingbrook
5'4" '22
120 A+
Multi-sport athlete with a positive attitude, coachable and team player.  
Anna Mapes
#16: Mid, Def
IL: Elmhurst
5'10" '22
161 A
Thoughtful, hard working, team player, with fiery deterination and strong lax IQ; coachable, competitive, multi-sport athlete.  
Bella Swanson
#29: Mid, Def
IL: Elmhurst
5'6" '22
125 A+
Selfless, workhouse, team-player, supportive, coach-able, multi-sport athlete, actively trying to make myself and teammates better.  
Caitlin Bowler
#04: Goal
IL: Naperville
5'10" '22
150 B+
Team player with high Lacrosse IQ. Driven, focused, hardworking and coachable multi-sport athlete.  
Ellie Berg
#52: Att, Mid, Draw
IL: Aurora
5'9" '22
140 A
Coachable, Hardworking, Determined, passionate, strong Lacrosse IQ  
Hannah Brody
#45: Def
IL: Elmhurst
5'5" '22
118 A
Team player with a great attitude who uses her speed, aggressive playing style, and field awareness to be a multi position player to meet the coach's and team's needs.  
Hannah Kowalik
#82: Def
IL: Elgin
5'4" '22
130 B
Dedicated, positive, reliable team player, versatile on and off the field, goal oriented, multi-sport athlete with solid lacrosse IQ.  
Isabella Palmer
#06: Mid, Def
IL: Lake Zurich
5'2" '22
135 A-
Coachable, Quick, High Lacrosse IQ, Determined Defender - Focused, Strong, Multi-Sport  
Jane Spencer
#18: Mid, Def, Draw
IL: Palatine
5'5" '22
125 A+
Hard-working athlete both on the field and in the classroom. Committed to improving and helping those around her, both as a teammate and a leader.  
Jill Dennison
#75: Att, Mid, Draw
IL: Naperville
5'9" '22
135 B+
I am a dedicated athlete with an incredible work ethic, and a devoted team player. I have great endurance and I'm skilled on the draw.  
Julia Kogan
#10: Att, Mid, Def
IL: Elmhurst
5'5" '22
120 A
Aggressive, smart, fast, energetic, determined team player who is a very coachable athlete  
Karly Robledo
#64: Mid, Def
IL: South Elgin
5'6" '22
150 A+
Multi-sport athlete, dedicated, coachable, team player with incredible work ethic who is driven to succeed in school and sports.  
Katelyn Olson
#15: Att, Mid
IL: St. Charles
5'7" '22
125 A+
Driven, leader, finesse player with strong Lax IQ and focus on academics.  
Kelly Anderson
#05: Att, Def, Draw
IL: Naperville
5'10" '22
150 A-
I am a defender who takes draws, versatile, mentally & physically strong, and a multi-sport athlete.  
Maddie Radtke
#22: Att
IL: Burr Ridge
5'3" '22
115 A
Determined and aggressive team player with an eye for the field. Naturally athletic and disciplined. Strong academics, AP/Honor classes and high honor roll  
Marissa Zeno
#20: Mid, Def, Draw
IL: Oswego
5'3" '22
130 A+
Extremely coachable and respectful team player who is highly motivated, hard working and a fierce competitor!  
Noemi Ramirez
#87: Att
IL: Chicago
5'2" '22
130 B
Coachable, aggressive-Great vision of the field.  
Olivia Holubowicz
#57: Att, Def
IL: Elmhurst
5'7" '22
140 A-
I am a strong coachable multi-sport athlete and student. I bring a positive energy in all that I do, on and off the field  
Sage Kellenberger
#00: Att, Mid
IL: Washington
5'4" '22
117 A-
Knowledgeable on the sport, good at taking and making corrections as needed, positive teammate when others aren’t, and I’m always wanting to improve my game for the better!  
Samantha Balara
#51: Mid, Draw
IL: Campton Hills
5'10" '22
130 A
I am a hard working, highly coachable and respectful team player with a strong lacrosse IQ. I feel passionate about all things lacrosse.  
Tess Billings
#23: Att, Mid, Def
IL: Deerfield
5'8" '22
135 A+
High performing student athlete, passionate about lacrosse. Versatile and coachable, competitive and hard working, determined to be the best I can.  
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IWLCA Presidents Cup
Nov 22-24 '19
FL: Wellington
Midwest Cup
Jul 25-26 '20
Champions Cup
Aug 7-9 '20
Mid Atlantic Girls Showcase
Nov 9-10 '19
MD: Owings Mills
Project 120
Jun 22-23 '19
NJ: Lawrenceville
IWLCA Capital Cup
Jul 18-21 '19
MD: North East
Elite 12 Fall Recruiting Camp 1 - Baltimore
Nov 8 '19
MD: Catonsville
Presidents Cup
Nov 20-22 '20
FL: Wellington
UNC Winter Elite Camp
Dec 13-15 '19
NC: Chapel Hill
Northstar Midwest Showcase
Nov 7-8 '20
IL: Glenview
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