True Kalamazoo 21-22 Boys

Lombard, Illinois
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2021-2022 grads
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Dennis Mcmann
#00: Mid
MI: Battle Creek
5'8" '22
130 A-
Fast on the field. Dennis has played multiple positions making him versatile on the field.Dennis is disciplined and aggressive on the field. Great sportsmanship. Lax IQ has improved  
Grayson Pratt
#11: Att
MI: Kalamazoo
5'6" '21
I am a team player that’s coachable, with a great lax IQ  
Jackson Boyd
#00: Def
MI: Battle Creek
6'2" '21
235 A-
I hit hard and I’m a big leader  
Noah Szarejko
#642: Mid, Faceoff
MI: Battle Creek
5'9" '21
190 A-
Hello, My Name is Noah I play FOGO as my main position, I can also play Mid. I am coach-able, I never give-up, and I work well on a team.  
Riley Ashby
#16: Def, LSM
MI: Battle Creek
6'1" '22
185 B+
Great situational awareness and I know how to use my size when I am playing against different body archetypes also great at adapting to weather conditions and I have very very good stamina  
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