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Lombard, Illinois
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Aiden Hilger
#00: Att, Mid, Faceoff
MN: Sartell
6'0" '22
156 A+
I am a hard working, coachable, multi-sport student-athlete who knows how to prioritize and excel in schooling as well as sports. I am dedicated and will fight through hard times.  
Benjamin Lema
#00: Mid
MN: Apple Valley
6'0" '21
160 B+
True regional 2019-20  
Brennan Pavek
#00: Def
MN: Rosemount
6'5" '22
180 B+
A team player, coachable, willing to learn, dedicated and a leader  
Brock Leider
#00: Mid, Faceoff
MN: Mankato
6'1" '22
205 A
Team player, coachable, disciplined, multi-sport athlete, determined, and passionate.  
Brody Illies
#10: Def
MN: New Prague
5'8" '21
215 B-
I am dedicated lacrosse player . I know the sport inside and out and am always open to learning new things. I play field and box lacrosse.  
Cade FitzPatrick
#00: Def, LSM
MN: Farmington
5'5" '22
135 A
Coachable, team player with strong LAX IQ, disciplined and determined.  
Duke Kellin
#00: Def
MN: Grand Rapids
6'1" '22
165 B
Hard-working, coachable, and motivated to continuously learn and improve.  
Evan Heitner
#00: Def
MN: Mankato
5'11" '22
150 A-
Dependable leader with great on-field communication skills; driven, coachable, selfless teammate; great hands and sees the entire field; 100% effort 100% of the time.  
Jesse DeChene
#00: Mid
MN: Big Lake
5'11" '21
158 B
Very coachable player that learns quick, is aggressive, has a strong left and right, also has a high lacrosse IQ.  
Pierce Hammill
#471: Goal
MN: Apple Valley
6'1" '21
145 B+
I have a Jedi like ability to read the field and get my defense into place. Disciplined team leader  
Reagan Anderson
#00: Att
MN: New Prague
6'0" '22
210 B+
I am a very coachable person and am willing to put myself into those tough situations that a coach would enact  
Sam Buerck
#00: Mid, Faceoff
MN: Winona
6'1" '22
165 A-
Team player, Easy to coach, Good attitude  
Wyatt Kiphuth
#00: Att, Mid, LSM
MN: Monticello
6'0" '21
160 B
Coachable, aggressive, not afraid to get down and dirty on a ground ball, strong lax IQ level, and strong love for the game.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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Blue OX Invitational Mens
Jun 22-23 '19
MN: Stillwater
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