Yellow Jackets South 2021

Brentwood, New York
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Hanna Pawela
#71: Mid, Def, Draw
VA: Glen Allen
5'5" '21
145 A
Shut down defender with excellent field vision, physical , aggressive , coachable -3 sport varsity high school athlete.  
Kate Miller
#00: Att, Mid
VA: Mechanicsville
5'6" '21
135 A
great field vision & lacrosse IQ, passionate lefty lax player, always striving for excellence, dedicated, relentless, team player and leader  
Kerry Nease
#00: Mid
VA: Richmond
5'8" '21
144 NA
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Saara Qureshi
#00: Att, Mid
VA: Richmond
5'8" '21
125 A
Coachable, 1st team all conf, 2nd team all state, 2nd team all metro, high lax IQ, 4.55 GPA, multi sport varsity athlete, determined goal scorer with 100 career goals, distributor, strong defender on ride and midfield, can take the draw and win it  
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IWLCA Presidents Cup
Nov 16-18 '18
FL: Kissimmee
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