Club Recruiting Service

Integrated video solution: profile + highlight + video library

Simplify club management, track recruiting activity in real-time and empower players and parents. Every player gets a recruiting profile, highlight video and video library.

How We Help Club Teams


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Price Per Team

Recruit Profile + Highlight Video + Video Library

Promote your tryouts for free in our event directory.

We don't upsell your players to buy a highlight video (it's included) or personal recruiting coach.

Lacrosse Specific Service

Embed your team rosters, most attended events and commitments directly on your website.

Auto Recommend Colleges

Match players to colleges based on ACT/SAT, GPA, majors, athletic level, school size, cost and distance.

Auto recommending colleges to your players above a match score i.e. >80% are recommended by you.

Film Share

Sharing film with your players and now, every college coach is included for free.

Social Media Content

Our video solution creates and promotes engaging, club-branded content about your players.

When your players create highlight videos and commit, we promote it. LaxAllStars ex. /

Empower Your Players

Find colleges that fit them = College Matching Service
Connect with college coaches = Built-in messaging system
Showcase their game = Profile and video in Recruit Finder
Promote their video = Highlight included; unlimited uploads
Access film = Video library of unlimited, shared team film
Log recruiting activity = Player and coach on same page

Recruit Messages = All Info Together

Professional messages organize your players' info and video for streamlined evaluation.


How much is it?

The annual cost is $1,000-$2,000 per team (<$50-$90 per player) for a recruit profile, highlight video and video library. Recruit profiles sync to your coach dashboard and your video library shares film with players or college coaches for free.

An individual player would pay $208 / year for a recruit profile ($9 / mo) and highlight video ($100). Players save by joining through your team and receive more coach views on their team-linked profiles.

Integrating video 1) helps your players get recruited online where video is key 2) saves them from buying a highlight elsewhere and 3) creates club-branded content about your players for social media  .

How does this compare?

Our competitors charge more for recruit profiles only and then upsell players and parents to buy a highlight video or personal recruiting services. We know the importance of video in recruiting and therefore include it for every player. Your social feed shares content to build your own social channels.

We complement your recruiting program; we do not upsell personal recruiting services that confuse families.

And I can upload my team's film for free?

Yes. Seamlessly upload and share film into player video library's. Share specific film with the correct team.

Your players can view game film in their video library and use it to create their highlight video. Players can also use their own .mp4 files or public Youtube / Vimeo links.

Our film share with college coaches puts your players' info right under the game film so they can recruit your entire team, just like at a tournament.

Do I have to populate the profile info?

No. Your players populate their recruit profiles and are automatically added to their team during sign up. We create your company page, but you control and manage all the information on it.

Your player's profiles are promoted in our Recruit Finder, where college coaches find, evaluate and connect with players that fit their program. Many coaches reach out to the player's club coaches as we’ve built compliance into our messaging system.

How long are the contracts?

Our annual contracts are designed around the dues cycle of our teams. We can help bridge to this period.

Teams stay with us because they see higher player usage with video integrated, not long term contracts.

Why do club teams choose you?

We solve both video and team management for club teams. Our platform makes it easy to connect your players with college coaches, deliver advice and track their recruiting progress.

Our coach dashboard provides a complete view of your team’s recruiting activity. Your player's profiles and highlight videos are featured directly to college coaches in their free dashboard and create content for us to promote about your team on social media.

We believe that playing college lacrosse at any level matters. Our resources help every player, top to bottom, which is why our College Matching Service includes over 1,500 teams from club to D1.

And we worked with college coaches to build ConnectLAX. They can view recruiting profiles without logging in (players control what info is visible), we rank profiles based on completeness (saving coaches time), and we have compliance built into our messaging system (protecting players and coaches).