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Integrated video solution: profile + highlight + video library

Simplify club management, track recruiting activity in real-time and empower your families in the process. Our team price includes a recruiting profile, professional highlight video and video library for every player. Our evaluations tool is free for all ages.

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Embed your team rosters, most attended events and commitments directly on your website.

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Recruit Profile + Highlight Video + Video Library

Transparency And Value

We do not upsell your families to buy a highlight video (it’s included) or a personal recruiting coach.

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Coach Dashboard
Recruiting Profile
Highlight Videos
Video Library
Film Tagging
Evaluations Tool
College Analysis
Competitors may discount recruiting profiles in order to promote their personal recruiting coaches to your families: we do not.
Instead of charging your families for access to college analysis, we include them for free to help in their research.

Your players receive professional, unlimited highlight videos done in minutes!

Organizational Efficiency

Complete visibility into player / college interaction keeps everyone organized and on the same page.

2,749 college coaches from 1,640 teams; built-in messaging = families never look for contact info.

Integrated Video Solution

A player with video is 4x more likely to commit; so we include a highlight video and video library.

Share film with college coaches alongside your roster embed so they can scout your entire team.

Custom Evaluations Tool

Streamline data collection and easily provide feedback to players and parents. Free to use for all ages.

See your staffs’ evaluations live so you quickly identify players to watch or skip, saving everyone time.

The evaluations tool is easy to use, saves a ton of time and expedites everything. We’ve been able to consolidate our recruiting and player evaluations to one platform, making our lives easier. And it’s free!
Clarissa Clarke of Nor’easter Lacrosse, club partner since September 2018

Detailed College Matching

Algorithms match players to colleges: ACT/SAT, GPA, majors, athletic level, school size, cost and distance.

Save time and increase engagement by auto recommending the best college matches to your players.

What Partners Are Saying

"I felt ConnectLAX provided the best video and college research tools for our families. My recruiting director and I have enjoyed using it to coordinate with coaches and promote our players. Great service and support."
Bev Altig of MD United, club partner since July 2020
"The platform offers our families a lot more and they turn feedback into features in hours. They make it very easy to communicate with college coaches and promote our players. It’s my recruiting hub."
David Earl of 2Way Lacrosse, club partner since March 2020
"We’d been recommended ConnectLAX by another club that switched and found their platform much more robust. Their college matching tools are amazing and the video integration simplifies everything. Love the roster sync!"
Katy O'Mara of Carolina Fever, club partner since July 2019
"Moving our club to ConnectLAX was a great decision for our families and staff. Integrating recruiting, video and tryouts under one platform has simplified the experience for families while providing a better value."
Lori Brown of T3 Lacrosse, club partner since July 2018
"ConnectLAX gets what college coaches want. They include a highlight video for every player, their recruit profiles are public and integrate with college databases, and their messaging system and usability is great."
Dave Kotowski of Team Elevate, club partner since August 2017
"They get our players' info and video in front of college coaches and help us manage their recruiting activity. They are lacrosse specific, a great resource and create and promote club-branded media content about my players."
Ira Vanterpool of Triad Elite Lacrosse, club partner since February 2017
"They simplify club management for us and video for our players and parents. Their tools help players showcase their game online, research schools, and connect with coaches. All while promoting our club on social media."
Michele Dejuliis of Ultimate Lacrosse, club partner since December 2016
"ConnectLAX is a great partner. They are professional and responsive. They are very in tune with customer needs. They streamline our film needs so we can focus on coaching and helping our players and their families."
MV Whitlow of Blue Star, club partner since September 2015
"My team and I love how they simplify recruiting and video for our players and coaches. Everything is easy to navigate and access. Their college directory is an amazing resource. Players like the social media promotion."
Sue Montegari of Mad Dog Lacrosse, club partner since March 2015
"I love having all the players pertinent information and video at one location, easily accessible on mobile devices. And the college identification tool is simply an invaluable resource for our players starting their college search."
Rob Graff of Team Minnesota, club partner since March 2015

Clean Message Design

Built-in messaging system designed with college coaches to streamline evaluation.

Yes. We Provide All This

We provide more for less because we’re builders, not marketers. We’ve grown through referrals from clubs partners instead of large sales staffs and sponsorship deals. This and our 94% retention has allowed us to avoid upsells, such as highlight videos (it’s included unlimited) or a personal recruiting coach. We listen to college coaches; video is key and our robust, college profiles help families find the right fit. With recruiting, video and evaluations under one roof, families have less services to sign up for, creating a better experience for everyone.

- Gage Mersereau, Founder

  • Unlimited, professional highlight videos in minutes
  • Access every college coach with built-in messaging
  • Unlimited film upload to teams and college coaches
  • Players save via team and benefit from film tagging
  • Team-specific webinars get families up to speed fast
  • Visibility for coaches and accountability for players
  • Activity feed of email opens and coach profile views
  • Personalized college recommendations and analysis
  • Social media promotion to highlight players and club

Social Media Promotion

Our video solution creates and promotes engaging, club-branded content about your players.

When your players create highlight videos and commit, we promote it. LaxAllStars ex. /